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10/7/12 6:34 P

I hate oatmeal.

But I'll definitely be having sandwiches at lunch now :)

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10/7/12 11:05 A

Based on what you said you are eating, I would suggest more fiber and calcium. Add a glass of milk to each meal (or nondairy alternative) and some healthy grains as well. Perhaps a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and some whole grain bread at lunch.

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10/6/12 9:30 P

All I can say is that that's not in line with the way that most health and fitness sites offer your BMR calculation.

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10/6/12 9:24 P

I think the Katch-McArdle gives you a small number because it focuses on your overall lean body mass, which is what you weigh WITHOUT all the fat. Using Harris-Benedict, your weight could be either all muscle or all fat, and it wouldn't know.

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10/6/12 9:20 P

The HB. I don't agree with the HB equation's way to add your exercise, but the base formula is accurate.

Here is Spark's calculation page where they tell you the formula to calculate BMR. This is used pretty much everywhere, and any site giving a person over 100kgs a BMR of only 1400 is doing something wrong in their calculations.

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10/6/12 9:09 P

I just calculated my BMR using another formula (Katch-McArdle) that takes into account my body fat percentage and it says my BMR is 1381 (I have 57% body fat). Using the original formula (Harris-Benedict) that ONLY takes into account my age and weight and height, my BMR is 1875.

Which one should I listen to anyway?

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10/6/12 9:07 P

Unfortunately, what works for the obese does not work for the thin, and vice versa. While you have received some well-meaning advice, it's from someone who is already a healthy weight, and not very applicable to you personally.

Obese people have high BMRs, and are also way more able to sustain more significant deficits than thinner people. I would not recommend you eat as high as your BMR. You are able at this time to sustain bigger weight loss by eating under it. It will not harm you.

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10/6/12 9:06 P

Were you exercising at the time? Staying active? That is where most of you cal deficit will come from. If you were leading a sedentary life before, then 1800 may just be your maintainence level. Once you introduce more exercise and activity, you'll increase your cal deficit to one that will achieve weightloss.

You can play around with this calculator which factors in exercise and shows how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, lose weight or extreme weight loss:

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10/6/12 8:49 P

I think I figured my BMR to be a bit over 1800 or so?

My very first day using the tracker since I restarted here (September 24), I ate normally, like I have been for months. Came out to around there. And clearly, the way I've been eating for months is not good, because of the weight gain I experienced.

(Of course, I also was doing no exercise. I started that this week. If I don't exercise, then I spend pretty much the ENTIRE day at a computer.)

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10/6/12 8:37 P

I just took a peak at your fitness tracker. It seems you have some days where you're probably getting enough to eat but others you are not.

I would recommend at least eating at your BMR, an estimate on how many calories your body needs a day just to perform its basic functions. It is based on your age, gender, weight and height. You can find BMR calculators online by searching google.

I've been eating at my BMR since joining Sparks and have been losing a steady 1-3lbs/week. I also see you're around the same height as me (5'1. I'm 5'2), I weigh around 130 lbs and eat 1350-1400 cals a day and am still losing weight significantly. A lot of your days, you are eating less than I am. So you are very likely not eating enough, which can actually hurt your weightloss rather than aid it. I would be absolutely ravenously hungry only eating 1200 cal/day.

Keep in mind too that when you exercise, you may need to eat more. Make sure you've added how many calories you burn per week manually into your fitness goals. Spark will initially give you a low ball estimate based on your weight goals but a lot of times we tend to exercise more than they anticipate. Entering the amount you burn will adjust your nutrition tracker to reflect that.

All of your meals and snacks should include; a healthy carb, a lean protein and a healthy fat in order to keep them balanced. Or just follow the food pyramid. I find when I use it, I tend to hit all my marks for nutrients, vitamins and minerals and definitely feel more satisfied those days.

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10/6/12 6:51 P

My breakfast is the same breakfast I've been eating for months, the only change being that instead of grapes or fruit I used to have a chocolate chip muffin.

Lunch is also the same lunch, the difference being that on that one day I decided to have soup instead. Before I started tracking I'd have a snack size bag of chips with my sandwich instead of celery and carrot sticks, and also (depending on whether I wanted it or not) a cookie or a candy bar.

I would also drink either Vitamin Water Zero, Fuze (180 calories per bottle!), or a Diet Dr. Pepper throughout the day. Now I drink as much water as I can stand, with flavor enhancement added (zero calorie and sugarfree).

And dinner is still the same predicament as before. Due to time and resources I haven't been able to change that YET, so I'm being very careful with my earlier meals so that I don't blow it with dinner, because I never know what dinner will be until I get home and dad tells me.

Usually if I have a sandwich for lunch I'm not hungry until dinner time, even with all the other changes.

Eating like I did before the changes (muffin instead of fruit, chips and cookie instead of veggies), I gained 10 pounds after I graduated college, with at least five of them coming after I started my job.

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10/6/12 4:00 A

Just because your overall daily total may be within a more reasonable limit does not mean that your habit of eating very little most of the day is a healthy one. You ARE starving yourself. Through most of the day you starve your body, if it's typical for you to have had only 500-600 calories by dinner time. That is NOT healthy, and is a habit you should make strides towards trying to change, for the sake of your overall health.

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10/6/12 12:07 A

"You're "trying too hard". Stop dieting. Eat to live. You're killing yourself on that intake."

Actually, I rarely go under 1200 even with that much intake by midday. Dinner is usually quite high, because until I actually have time to teach myself how to cook I still rely on my parents to decide what's for dinner, or I'll go out somewhere and get something like I did tonight. So I stay somewhat low during the day to compensate for what I know will be a high calorie count in the evening.

Definitely learned my lesson about the soup though. Guess it's a sandwich or a turkey burger for lunch at work from now on.

Grabbed a Fiber One bar from the convenience store that just opened in my office building when I left work. It held me over well. :)

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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,979
10/5/12 10:18 P

I have to echo what Deb has said: You are hungry because you haven't eaten enough food. Sandwiches are way more filling than soup, which is why you are hungry. Don't forget you have your whole range up to 1550, so use it. If you get hungry you should eat a snack! I worry that 1200 calories isn't actually enough food for you. It is the minimum that spark sets, and at your current weight I would think you would need to be eating more. If your goal date is too aggressive spark will set the lowest range, whether it is healthy or not.

JILLIEWILLIE1 Posts: 1,560
10/5/12 7:11 P

I'd add a morning and afternoon snack...and drink water.

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10/5/12 5:27 P

Oooh, that ALWAYS happens to me when I have soup as the main part of my meal! For some reason it just doesn't stay with me in the way that solid food does. I would have some fruit, like an apple or an orange and some protein, like a small portion of nuts or cheese. Roughly 200 calories, and you would still have plenty of calories left for dinner!

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10/5/12 5:27 P

Your stomach is growling because you're starving it.

That isn't enough food for you for that much of the day. There's no way that is a healthy level of intake. You're "dieting", not having a healthy lifestyle. That is extremely unhealthy and will lead to failure.

Do you do low carb? Apart from the fruit and veg there's no carb at all mentioned so far.

Try adding toast, cereal, or oats to your breakfast. Two eggs and some grapes is a good start but it's lacking. It's just not enough.

A sandwich will definitely keep you fuller longer than soup. Water-food is never filling. You can also include some fat in your sandwich in butter or a different spread, which will help. There's almost no indication of actual fats taken in so far (except what's in eggs).

You're "trying too hard". Stop dieting. Eat to live. You're killing yourself on that intake.

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10/5/12 5:27 P

I haven't been tracking fiber but now that I have I see I've only had 7g total today! Guess I'll see if I can find some good healthy source of fiber before I hit the gym after work...

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10/5/12 5:16 P

There's likely more dietary fiber in a salad or sandwich. Soup is mostly all liquid and usually lacking in that department. You can track your dietary fiber by "adding more nutrients" to your nutrition tracker. As long as I get around 25 g I feel satisfied all day but if I only get around 16 g, I am starving.

You could try to have soup when the rest of your meal is already high in fiber.

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10/5/12 4:56 P

If what you ate was only 520 calories maybe it's time for a snack! I think you'd be fine to have a snack even if you're wanting to be 1200-1300 calories for the day. You would need a 680 calorie dinner otherwise! Just to make it to the bare minimum 1200 calories. If have have the opportunity, grab an apple or applesauce or something small like that in the range of 50-150 calorie snack.

If your stomach is ever growling... give it what it needs! Energy! i.e. food. But, make a healthy food choice. Maybe a fruit or veggie that has the fiber to hold you over until your next meal.

Good luck!

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10/5/12 4:45 P

I've eaten about the same amount of food I usually eat by this time of day. For breakfast I had two hardboiled eggs and some grapes. For lunch I had chicken and corn soup and some celery and carrot sticks with fat-free ranch dip. Normally this is enough to last me till dinner. The only thing I did different today was the soup, as I usually have a sandwich or a salad instead.

And now... my stomach's growling. I'm not even sure I have an appetite at the moment, just that my stomach is definitely rumbling. And the workday's not even over yet. And I don't want to accidentally blow my range with a snack when I haven't calculated dinner yet (I have a plan for what I want tonight, since dad has warned me that the dish he's preparing tonight contains ingredients I hate so I have to come up with an alternative). What's up?

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