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Thanks Coach Denise!

I really enjoy the recipes section and know that the member-created recipes are sometimes miscategorized. I probably came off as being outraged, but it comes from regularly having to explain to servers at restaurants (after asking if they can suggest something vegetarian on the menu) that no, the shrimp scampi or the grilled scallops wouldn't work for a vegetarian.

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10/28/10 1:49 P

Those printable recipes were added to the site before we had SparkRecipes. I'm not sure why that particular recipe is listed as vegetarian, but we are going to look into this and update that page. Thanks for letting us know about that recipe!

As for the recipes on, the majority of those are member listed, so it is always a good idea to look the recipe over before making it.

Coach Denise

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Just had to give some feedback. I was excited to find this under the "printables" section of the website:

...but dismayed to find that it had a recipe containing scallops. Scallops are sea animals, and are NOT suitable for vegetarians. This makes me wonder how many recipes are miscategorized as being "vegetarian" on the Recipes section of the SparkPeople site. emoticon

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