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11/12/13 4:47 P

Golden Rule.

"Do unto others as you would have done unto you."

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
11/12/13 8:24 A

I am not sure what tendency the OP is referring to, but I am not trying to overcome any tendency in particular at the moment.

If I were, that would be private and I wouldn't be talking about it on a message board.

But I do agree with Sherylds, I cannot change the world, only myself.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,168
11/11/13 12:23 P

Not hearing the rest of the sounds like
I can't change the rest of the world, I can only change myself.

11/11/13 9:35 A

Don Miller is a Christian poet, this quote from him seems to give the message that we must choose our path for ourselves and not choose a path for others.

When it comes to my children I can only hope that my guidance will lead them on a noble and moral path that is good.

11/11/13 9:31 A

Actually , I think it may be somewhat beyond simple and average selfishness. There are individuals who seem to be able to block out that there is anyone else but them here. That is where I think selfishness becomes an " art form" and really allows you to do harm for others because you become indifferent to the plights and struggles of those around you .

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11/11/13 8:56 A

Combat what tendency? To be selfish?

11/11/13 8:53 A

... muster thoughts for one." so has stated a man named Donald Miller.

Sadly, I know this very much tends to be true of me!

What have you found or learned that has helped you best, OVERALL, to combat this tendency?

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