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4/19/13 8:59 P

If you're at a computer a lot, make sure your desk is set up on ergonomic principles to reduce eyestrain and muscle strain.

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It sounds like you should do some neck rotations/stretches for your neck and shoulders and maybe some strength exercises to make your back stronger. Go to a chiropractor or your doctor, and they'll talk you though moves to relieve tension in your neck. My mom had this issue a few years ago, and her doctor was a big help.

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4/19/13 6:03 P


When it comes to issues like this, it would be best to talk with your doctor or health care provider who is most familiar with you and your medical history.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

4/19/13 5:47 P

Oh my...I could have written this!

My neck always hurts and is suuuuper stiff. Or at least it was. Like you, i was petrified of any sort of neck exercises, but slowly incorporating them into my stretching routines have really helped me and eased some of that discomfort.

Having said that, I am far from an expert, so perhaps this is something you should discuss with your doctor?

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4/19/13 5:42 P


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