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SUNFLOWERS2602 SparkPoints: (325)
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4/12/13 10:36 A

Hey ladies!!

Glad to hear you're hearing about it now :)

Hope it works out well for you!

You can't track old miles but that's ok, because we've got lots of exercising to do!

best wishes!

VATRUCKER SparkPoints: (20,629)
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4/11/13 7:41 P

this is new to me, however I do the same thing on earndit emoticon

STARCROSS SparkPoints: (97,168)
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4/11/13 4:44 P

Hi Sunflower
Thanks for letting me know about that. I am going to check it out. I wonder if you can get credit for the miles that you logged before today?
Great idea though.....Thanks....Star

SUNFLOWERS2602 SparkPoints: (325)
Fitness Minutes: (185)
Posts: 12
4/11/13 2:47 P

Hey there sparky ;)

I'm new to the spark people community but I found this AWESOME APP for smart phones that I thought everyone might be interest in

It's called "Charity Miles" and when you set out for your walk/run/jog you get to pick a charity and for however many miles you go, a percentage of it is turned into money and donated to the charity that you picked. It's funded by other corporations. Kind of like your own personal sponsor for when you decide to be active

you can pick a new charity each time or always donate to the same one. I've got a big heart and love this idea that every time I decide to go for a walk or do some exercise, it's making a different not only for me but for someone else!

have any of you heard of it? use it?

let me know :)

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