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10/31/13 5:56 P

Oh wow, I am SO the opposite of you KJ! If it's a movie I want to see, a book I want to read, or a TV show I watch, I do NOT want to hear anything about it at all! I won't even watch a movie with someone who has already seen it, because during the whole movie you get comments like "watch this part, pay attention" or "this is funny." Hello, let me experience it myself & figure it out on my own! I don't even like it when someone wants to tell me a part of a movie & they say "it's not a plot point" or "it won't ruin the ending if I tell you this part." I'll be polite, depending on who they are, & listen, but really I want to say it doesn't matter, you just ruined it.

I even get irritated if I'm reading the Sunday paper with other people, & they start reading aloud articles from sections I haven't read yet. I also watch a lot of movies alone (when it's the first time watching) because I can't stand talkers-people who talk during movies.

Ok, I am actually a pretty laid back, easy going person, not that you can tell from this side of me!

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10/31/13 12:55 P

I remember the first time they showed PSYCHO on TV.
I was a young kid..and to stay up late (9PM) took planning and effort.
I did all my chores, homework, napped, and got all set to watch.
Cuddled next to my Dad, safe and protected in my blanket.
Got to the last commercial break where she's about to open the door.
My father tells me what is about to happen....WHAT...I was so upset.

If someone had told me the ending to THE SIXTH SENSE before I saw the movie, it would have killed it. I had to see the movie twice to see how it really worked together.

Knowing what happens ahead of time takes all the magic out of something.
I would not want to know the future.

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JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,789
10/31/13 12:42 P

It depends. If it is a mystery or suspense, part of the fun is trying to figure out who the bad guy is, so to speak. Otherwise, it's kind of silly if people won't talk about a show/movie when the odds are probably good that I won't see it until much later.

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10/31/13 12:40 P

I like the suspense!

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10/31/13 12:39 P

Sometimes I'll read the last chapter of a book after reading the synopsis to see if I can guess how the ending happened. If I can, then I probably won't read the book, if I can't then I probably will. That being said, if someone had spoiled the Harry Potter Books (6 & 7 especially), I would have been upset.

The only TV show that I watch where I would really care if someone told me the ending is Doctor Who. There's a lot of tension in those episodes and I don't want to spoil it by knowing the ending before I'm supposed to. Pretty much everything else I don't care enough to worry about it being spoiled.

That being said, there are some movies that spoil the ending all by themselves *ahem* Star Trek: Into Darkness *ahem* tribbles *ahem*. Once I saw that scene there was zero tension left in the movie for me.

I guess it really depends on how invested I am in the material.

Also KJ, I could see the attraction of watching the first episode of BSG then the last because there is *no* way that I would have ever guessed the ending based on the first episode...all comments about how the series totally jumped the shark by the end of the third season aside :P

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10/31/13 11:15 A

It doesn't really bother me to know how a book, movie or tv show ends before I see it. I'd rather people just talk about it than get "I don't want to spoil it for you" remarks. I will still enjoy it if the show or book is well done. If it isn't well done then I won't be as disappointed if I know in advance.

I do try not to spoil things for others but I think some people are completely irritating about wanting no one to talk about something they haven't seen or read yet.

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10/31/13 11:14 A

I don't want to know the ending of books or movies. I like to find out for myself. Although, I have missed the end of many late night TV shows, by falling asleep! emoticon

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10/31/13 11:07 A

I don't care enough about movies or TV to mind if I know the ending.

I won't read a book, though, if I know the ending.

10/31/13 10:56 A

I don't mind knowing the ends of movies, but I don't like to know the ends of books. After spending hours reading and building up to the climax, I want to find out the ending myself. I can't stand when I read a book and really like it, and then it ends up having a dud ending (like the author ran out of time and just came up with something lame). Those are the times I wish I had already known.

I usually don't count on what others say about movies. Lots of times, I hear about how others did not like a movie, but when I saw it, I liked it. I'm not a spoiler for others unless they want to hear the end.

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10/31/13 10:53 A

The web site IMDB although it is one of the best around has a section that they list as SPOILERS. If you haven't watched a particular movie or TV show, stay out of there. It could seriously damage your enjoyment.

10/31/13 10:44 A

This is not an actual spoiler alert, just a topic ABOUT spoiler alerts.

Are you the kind of person who needs folks to NOT tell you about the outcome/ending of a movie, TV show or book?

Not me, I have YET to be disappointed by someone telling me about a movie, show or book. What I DON'T appreciate are folks who WON'T give up what they think about an ending or TELL ME the ending. I have purposely NOT gone to see a movie or read a book or watch a show because of that. The classic, "Oh, I don't want to spoil it for you" drives me NUTS! If others are standing around or within hearing range then I "get it", I know some folks base their lives off of not wanting to know the end or outcome of shows.

I am currently watching Battlestar Galactica (2004) on Netflix and after the first episode I watched the last episode, it didn't bother me one bit, I went back and kept watching the series (half way through now).

I did the same for LOST and boy, I am REALLY glad I watched the ending, what a sucky ending and I haven't watch any episodes since, just not my cup of tea.

All of that said I do respect others who don't want to know the ending of something if I know it, I know that those things are important to people (extremely important to some).

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