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3/3/14 2:44 P

***I lost 24 lbs. last year!*** emoticon

Goal #3 (1 month): ***** Reach by March 31st!! ***** Lose 4 lbs & More inches
Be in full swing with fitness, body media (logging everything), eating healthy and gettin' back on track with Bible Study and Church! Losing Weight at a Steady Pace!

Goal #2 (2-3 months): ***By the END of May.*** Reach Half-Way Point!
Be at 160 lbs or heading to the 150's... ( Loss of 12 lbs)
These last 25 lbs are not going to be easy to get off now that I'm 40 close to turning 41.
(May 28th, Birthday) emoticon

Goal #1 (A YEAR or a Little Less): ***By AUGUST***

BE AT Maintaining Weight ... Staying Fit and Eating Healthy ...
Be 100% back on track with Bible Studies and Church! Live Life to the Fullest!
Be Happy with my new weight-loss, body/body shape... I'm never going to be a size 0 again!
(before marriage/childbirth) I don't think I could even be a size 6 or 7.. emoticon
I just want the fatty spots gone..I want a better/fit "shape." To be firmer and toned..

STACYH73 SparkPoints: (62,351)
Fitness Minutes: (26,227)
Posts: 7,142
3/3/14 2:42 P

***Setting Up GOALS To Work On***

It's time to set up some healthy GOALS and Make A Plan for Success!

Please take your time and think it through so your goals are "Realistic."

Once ready, copy/paste the Goal Set Up Below and share with us!

Goal #1 (set it up for a YEAR or a little less)

Goal #2 (set it up for 3 months)

Goal #3 (1 month)

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