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7/25/13 5:37 P

TY!!! I'm a telecommuter but today I had to go into work at the office and I must look more toned up (I've only lost about 5 pounds) and several people stopped and looked and said 'wow, you look great'! Happy, happy, happy! emoticon Working from home is SO much better than the fight with traffic every morning & night, I'm happier, much less stressed and eating better, sleeping better, feeling better! emoticon

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7/25/13 5:56 A


7/25/13 2:15 A

That's emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/24/13 6:20 P

Isn't it fun having not-so-great eyesight??!! Congrats on the ol' scale dropping anyway!! WAY TO GO!!

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7/24/13 6:02 P

I don't weigh in regularly, usually every two weeks or so, and today I got on and the scale said I lost weight! Unfortunately my eyesight is horrible, I couldn't find my glasses, but I've lost somewhere between 1 and 3 pounds since my last weigh in! LOL...I tried using my daughter's glasses but that just didn't help! I'm ok with just knowing the scale MOVED IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION! emoticon

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