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Wild Yam Complex Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Wild Yam Complex.

Over 100 Super Foods for a Super You

Faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a locomotive… Nutrient-packed with health enhancing properties… Here come the SUPER FOODS! These foods benefit your body in so many ways. They power your brain, and...  Read more

Why Potatoes Are Good for You

The poor potato. It really has gotten a bad rap.   A plentiful crop that's easy and inexpensive to produce, the potato has been a dietary staple across the globe for centuries. (Ireland, a country whose diet once relied almost entirely o...  Read more

Wild or Farmed Fish: What's Better?

These days, an increasing number of health-conscious consumers are choosing to eat fish for its heart-healthy benefits. The American Heart Association recommends that adults eat fish twice a week to meet their needs for omega-3 fatty acids, but how d...  Read more

Dining Out: Thai Cuisine

Characteristics: Dishes are usually packed with lots of fresh ingredients, and have many hot, spicy, flavorful, along with some sweet and sour options. Common Ingredients: These foods feature chili peppers, rice, noodles, sugar, citr...  Read more

Water is a Secret Ingredient

Is water important? Well let’s see, other than making up 50%-60% of our bodies, regulating body temperature, helping our breathing, transporting nutrients, carrying away waste and helping our muscles function, water is pretty much useless. Oh,...  Read more

Has anyone tried the Wild Diet ?
Updated 1/27/2016 5:53:54 AM

was looking into it and wondered thoughts? Calls for 1/2 your plate to be veggies, 1/4 to be protein, the rest is carb/fruit/fats. He also suggest intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast basically) and exercising daily. Overall it seems to be a h...  Read more

I have been investigating The Wild Diet. Does anyo
Updated 1/21/2016 11:05:14 AM

I have been investigating The Wild Diet. Does anyone follow it? Curious if it works....  Read more

Meals that are a mixture of protein, complex carbo

Meals that are a mixture of protein, complex carbohydrates, heart healthy fats and which have a good amount of fiber in them will help to keep you feeling full for longer and you'll be less likely to get shaky. Caffeine-wean off it, not cold turkey....  Read more

Complex vs Simple Carbs
Updated 1/16/2016 2:43:13 PM

So, if you are diabetic, or in my case, have PCOS with insulin resistance, it is usually recommended to watch the carbs you consume. Some carbs are simple and some are complex. How are you to maintain a low-carb (or a lower carb) diet if you are cons...  Read more

Very excited about dinner tonight. Having wild sa
Updated 1/11/2016 3:46:34 PM

Very excited about dinner tonight. Having wild salmon, sweet potato and rice. (All in moderation)....  Read more

Wild Rice Is great For weight Loss

Wild rice really isn't rice at all, but rather a long grain marsh grass seed. Wild Rice has often been called "The Caviar Of All Grains". A complex carbohydrate, & belongs to low glycemic index foods. Rice is high in fiber and protein, safe to eat i...  Read more

Sugar feeds every cell in the body, including cancer cells.

Sugar feeds every cell in the body, including cancer cells. Simple sugars enter the bloodstream quickly & cause a rise in insulin & other growth promoting hormones. High levels of these hormones may increase the growth of cancer cells. Complex carbo...  Read more

Chronic Pain Warriors: We Will Win the Weight War

We will not let disease destroy all that is us! Pain/illness isolates but together we can meet goals of health and wellness despite complex physical/mental challenges, fears, and limitations....  Read more

'No-Calorie Noodles': Will You Try Them?

Have you heard about the new noodles that have no calories? It's true. These noodles have no calories, fat, gluten or carbs. Made from a soluble fiber derived from a Japanese yam, the noodles have been available in Japan for years. Some health pro...  Read more

Trim Thanksgiving: Sweet Potatoes

This is the first in a series of blog posts about how to slim down your Thanksgiving side dishes and treats. For more information about healthier Thanksgiving cooking, read this article. The poor yam and sweet potato. These brightly colored and antio...  Read more