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Why Bad Breath Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Why Bad Breath.

How to Banish Bad Breath

You’ve tried mints, gum and mouthwash but nothing works. Bad breath is affecting your social life, causing you to shy away from your loved ones and preventing you from speaking up at work. You’ve already spent a small fortune to cover it...  Read more

An Exercise in Proper Breathing

Proper breathing is an underestimated, but critical building block of good health. Slow, deep breathing gets rid of carbon dioxide waste and takes plenty of clean, fresh oxygen to your brain and muscles. More blood cells get the new, oxygen-rich air...  Read more

How to Breathe During Exercise

When people begin a fitness program, they understandably have lots of questions, from how to perform certain moves to which exercises are most effective. One question that everyone seems to ask is how to breathe properly when working out. I know...  Read more

Wheezing During Winter Workouts

You've bundled up in your cold-weather gear and mustered the determination to head outside for an invigorating winter run. You feel great at first, but a few minutes into your route, you need to stop to catch your breath. After a few sto...  Read more

How to Tame Wedding Planning Stress

It's a gross understatement to say that planning a wedding is stressful. With all of the coordination, timing and numerous things to prepare for (not to mention family politics!), it's no wonder that nice, normal people turn into grumpy groom...  Read more

Why can't I just have the same metabolism I did wh
Updated 5/22/2016 1:47:03 PM

Why can't I just have the same metabolism I did when I was 20?? I am going to be 26 this year and oh boy what a huge difference from my early 20s vs mid-late 20s....  Read more

Why oh why can't I stay on track. As a stress eat
Updated 5/22/2016 9:51:39 AM

Why oh why can't I stay on track. As a stress eater life jyst keeps getting in the way. Praying for a better week #help...  Read more

Did I post a bad thing?
Updated 5/23/2016 4:13:39 PM

I posted that I wanted to know what a cleanse is and this is what I got on my post. I'm confused. Did I asked a no no? Offend someone? I don't understand this. Reply Create A New Topic Subscribe to this Discussion Page: 1 of (1) ...  Read more

Toast? Why doesn't anyone just eat toast anymore?

Toast? Why doesn't anyone just eat toast anymore? I have toast with vegemite or peanut butter on it, or weetbix with soy milk. Soy milk is awesome and tastes like weetbix on its own, so it's extra weetbixy with actual weetbix....  Read more

I had two bad days. Please pray that I can get bac
Updated 5/21/2016 9:30:55 PM

I had two bad days. Please pray that I can get back on track tomorrow! I have been doing good prior to this slump...  Read more


When everyone around you seems to be turned upside down don't forget to breath in the good and out with the bad.342Walking with Christ...  Read more

Breathe...the breath of life

As a fitness professional, one of the many things I notice is that when big things happen, the 1st thing we do is hold our breathe!! WHY?? Then we get upset, molehills become mountains! But if breath, deeply, slowly, & stay calm, somehow it does not...  Read more


Everyone is more than welcome. Let's make this a group where we all feel comfortable enough to vent what we feel, good or bad....  Read more

6 Surprising Causes of Common Health Symptoms

When you notice something amiss—a cough that won’t quit, sudden dandruff—you may run right to the computer to look up what could be going on. A recent survey found that 35% of Americans have used the Internet to self-diagnose a medi...  Read more

You Asked: How Do I Breathe in Yoga?

For my students, breathing is the topic in yoga that prompts the most questions: How do you breathe in yoga? Should it be loud? How do I make that "noise" when I breathe? When the poses get too hard, I become out of breath. How can I keep b...  Read more