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What Is Saw Palmetto Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is Saw Palmetto.

''Running Helped Me Lose Almost 100 Pounds!'' *

Mike (MKKAYA) started running in 2008. Since joining SparkPeople, he has continued to work toward his weight-loss goals (losing nearly 100 pounds so far), completed three half marathons, and has his sights set on participating in a triathlon. ...  Read more

6 Things Successful Dieters Have in Common

I'm sure you have heard people say, "Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is the hard part."   Well, I disagree with this statement. I think losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder!   Permanent weight...  Read more

8 Lessons from My First 5K Race

I never considered myself a runner. I ran maybe once a week for 30 or 40 minutes, and then I wouldn’t feel like doing it again for a few days. Needless to say, I never really “get better” at running—I pretty much stayed the sa...  Read more

''How I Changed My Life in 28 Days'' *

Could you change your life in 28 days? Could you lose weight, get fitter, and change your attitude about weight loss in just four weeks? We think so! That's the premise behind our best-selling book, The Spark, written by founder a...  Read more

Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Runners and Walkers

Two weeks ago while I was out for a five-mile run on a busy street in my neighborhood, I saw another runner coming at me. While I was running facing the oncoming traffic, she was running with the flow of traffic. I always run against the flow of...  Read more

That is the mobile site you are seeing. Have you

That is the mobile site you are seeing. Have you tried just opening a new browser window and typing Then if it still goes to the mobile version, you should be able to tap Request desktop version (on the main menu)....  Read more

I don't think I am seeing the full site screen. I

I don't think I am seeing the full site screen. I see 3 choices: articles & videos, community, track my something - then 2 mobile choices. Thanks for trying to help me ... I think something is wrong with this new phone version....  Read more

I am not sure this app is working well I have tryi
Updated 2/2/2016 10:27:16 PM

I am not sure this app is working well I have trying to eat healthy, yet this app seems to be helping me eat more then I did before tracking my calories...  Read more

Which meal plan do I do???? I am so confused have
Updated 2/2/2016 10:21:41 PM

Which meal plan do I do???? I am so confused have about 40 pounds to loose...  Read more

Am I aiming for the impossible?
Updated 2/4/2016 7:22:00 PM

Am I being unrealistic to aim for a 25 inch waist at my age? (early 40s). I currently weigh abt 130lbs, I am aiming to weigh 100lbs. I am 4 feet 11. Am I being too ambitious?...  Read more

just a thought

"Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing." Justin Lyon342 Walking with God...  Read more

cross-training is key!

I only began seeing results when I truly embraced cross-training. My new regimen involves a constant switching back and forth between: running/walking, TRX, spinning, kettlebell, Gravity, pilates, and various forms of yoga. I am finally seeing a whol...  Read more

3 Things I Am Thankful for Today

Take time each day and list 3 things you are thankful/grateful for....  Read more

A Birthday Surprise Motivated Rachel to Lose 70 Pounds*

Rachel Murray (_RACHEL)Weight Lost: 70 poundsHometown: Goldendale, WAOccupation: Stay-at-home mom What was life like before your weight loss?I gained weight during each pregnancy and didn't take it off afterwards.  By the time I had my...  Read more

'Secrets of the Mountain': A Family Movie Night Opportunity

Happy, healthy families don't just happen. Instead, they are created through hard work and a commitment to learning and applying healthier ways of living. Last week we pointed out one way to develop healthier families was by developing healthy family...  Read more