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What Is Metamucil Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is Metamucil.

Eating with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Imagine experiencing severe abdominal pain, along with alternating bouts of both constipation and diarrhea. Even worse, your doctor can find no physical explanation or effective treatment for you, despite these very real symptoms. Unfortunately, this...  Read more

Learn to Love Breakfast

As a working mom with three kids at home, mornings are always hectic. Getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door takes precision timing and a level of organization that most businesses couldn’t match. And while I insist my children have...  Read more

Eating with Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism, the chronic condition of an under-active thyroid, affects millions of Americans. It's most commonly caused by chronic autoimmune thyroiditis or Hashimoto's disease, and can result in a variety of symptoms, including: weight ga...  Read more

6 Things Successful Dieters Have in Common

I'm sure you have heard people say, "Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is the hard part."   Well, I disagree with this statement. I think losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder!   Permanent weight...  Read more

''I'm Beginning a New Journey Now''

Christina (CFOSTER1966) lost 97 pounds and says she started this journey to become healthier and to ward off the complications that come with obesity. She has maintained her weight loss for the past 18 months. Find out how she did it! ...  Read more

I am trying to lose weight because of high blood p
Updated 10/13/2015 9:06:36 AM

I am trying to lose weight because of high blood pressure and needing knee surgery. This time I hired a nutritionist. I am so afraid I will fail....  Read more

got my fitbit yesterday. i am still trying to figu
Updated 10/13/2015 7:36:34 AM

got my fitbit yesterday. i am still trying to figure out how to add people. Anyone knows please tell me. I am working today so i probably wont answer for a bit...  Read more

GSABASS Hi,thank you for your comment.Yes,I am che

GSABASS Hi,thank you for your comment.Yes,I am checking full site now :) so many information and I'm interested in some topics.However I need to learn english to understand well....  Read more

I am struggling to meet my calorie goals. I eat 4
Updated 10/13/2015 9:55:00 AM

I am struggling to meet my calorie goals. I eat 4 small meals a day. My calorie range is 1200-1550. I am barely reaching 1000 very regularly. I don't want my body to start stockpiling fat. Does anyone have any healthy snacks to reach my goal?...  Read more

I am well on my way towards achieving long standin

I am well on my way towards achieving long standing success, please help me stay motivated.. Text me at 559-709-4639! Let's do this together....  Read more

Metamucil is Your Friend

On the HMR diet I was in PAIN, but regularly used sugar free Metamucil HELPED....  Read more

metamucil fiber therapy

Can anyone tell me if metamucil works for them?I saw my doctor and he said to try it! Because no matter how healthy i am eating and drinking more than enough water I cant go and gosh i am Cranky!...  Read more

3 Things I Am Thankful for Today

Take time each day and list 3 things you are thankful/grateful for....  Read more

Memphis and Meta Take Small Steps for Big Health Changes

Here at SparkPeople, we love seeing other companies help communities reach healthy, positive goals—and Meta is doing just that! This summer, Metamucil® underwent an evolution to become part of a full line of wellness products called M...  Read more

Michael Strahan's 5 Best Tips for a More Balanced Life

Editor's Note: We had a chance to sit down and chat with former NFL football player and current television star, Michael Strahan, who was kind enough to share with us his tips on balancing fitness, nutrition and motivation while leading a busy li...  Read more


Bought it to get more fiber in my diet. I eat veggies, fruits, etc. so no issues. Is there any more info on health benefits? Is it healthy to include as part of my daily routine?...  Read more

Brocoli, Peas and Metamucil

If I add brocoli, peas and Metamucil I can meet the demands of the 25 grams of fiber you are supposed to get. I cannot add raspberries like I would want because they are too expensive. Maybe once in a while. I like rye bread too so that is an opti...  Read more