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What Is Flexibility Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is Flexibility.

Exercise Does Not Have to be Painful

For a long time I thought that being in pain was part of the plan, a sign of progress. I was so used to hobbling around on achy feet, with leg muscles so sore that I couldn’t walk up and down stairs without holding on to the banister for de...  Read more

6 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Flexibility

When you first start making room for healthy habits in your busy life, being a stickler can be beneficial—setting a workout schedule, planning your meals in advance, saying no to things that get in the way of your goals.  Without giving yo...  Read more

8 Ways to Check Your Form During Home Workouts

You’re on day five of your friendly squat competition with your coworkers, feeling good. You start the day's round, but suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your lower back. Something is not right. What are you doing wrong? When done pro...  Read more

How a Flexible Mindset Influences Weight-Loss Success

You are psyched and ready; tomorrow is the day. You made the decision to lose weight once and for all. You picked the perfect plan, bought all the groceries you need and even threw out the junk food from your cabinets and fridge. You've joined th...  Read more

Throw a Fitness Party!

I needed to get a social life. This revelation hit me late on a Friday night when I realized I had spent another evening knee-deep in laundry when I really wanted to be out having some fun. Busy with work and family, I hadn’t seen my girlfriend...  Read more

I am back and I need to loose 50 pounds. I know yo
Updated 9/22/2016 9:15:00 PM

I am back and I need to loose 50 pounds. I know your moral support will help....  Read more

I am new to spark and need to lose about 30 pounds. I am not new to tracking, but I have a question
Updated 9/22/2016 7:30:19 PM

I am new to spark and need to lose about 30 pounds. I am not new to tracking, but I have a question. They gave me a range of calories to reach. Does that mean that if I hit the lower end it is okay?...  Read more

Today I am working on a healthy meal plan and with
Updated 9/22/2016 1:11:26 PM

Today I am working on a healthy meal plan and with a picky husband it's not going well......  Read more

I just started i need to lose alot. But i am tryin
Updated 9/22/2016 9:37:55 AM

I just started i need to lose alot. But i am trying to make small victory's...  Read more

Well, here I am!
Updated 9/22/2016 11:48:00 PM

Good morning all! I'm Chrissy, and I'm on day 5 of whatever this is. A plan? A new habit? I'm newly married (almost 4 months!) and I just graduated with my bachelor's in April. I work in HR. I have about 50-60 pounds to lose, which seems l...  Read more


I find something that really makes cardio exercise much more enjoyable is to first improve flexibility, then strength, and then increase cardio....  Read more

Make exercise a fixed activity in my day, non negotiable

The best way I have found to stick to exercising is to make it like work, the only flexibility I allow myself is either a one hour walk at 7 am or a 1 hour walk at 7 pm. That is the minimum, no excuses, non negotiable. If I can keep promises to ot...  Read more

3 Things I Am Thankful for Today

Take time each day and list 3 things you are thankful/grateful for....  Read more

Coach Nicole Reveals Her Workout Routine

Most fitness experts and trainers have super-toned bodies that are sculpted (I can only assume) by many hours in the gym. How do they do it? How much time do they really spend working out? I can't speak for them, but I can tell you what I do to stay...  Read more

Is Endurance Exercise the Fountain of Youth?

For thousands of years man has been in search of the so-called 'The Fountain of Youth'. From Alexander the Great to Ponce de Leon's quest to modern day science, there seems to be a fascination that spans the test of time to fight the inev...  Read more


I was looking forward to an inspiring week of conference here in Houston, but my week has been cut to three days because of an emergency back home. I feel blessed that I can adjust, pivot and do what needs to be done. Not everyone can. I don't feel s...  Read more

Day 3: The difference between flexibility and procrastination

Today was a long, long day and I am exhausted. I didn't have the energy to do my yoga sequences like I had planned to. I also didn't want to tape around the bathroom sink, but I did it anyway and threw another coat of primer on as long as I was in th...  Read more