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What Is Belly Fat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is Belly Fat.

Throw a Fitness Party!

I needed to get a social life. This revelation hit me late on a Friday night when I realized I had spent another evening knee-deep in laundry when I really wanted to be out having some fun. Busy with work and family, I hadn’t seen my girlfriend...  Read more

''I Walked Off 60 Pounds in the Comfort of My Home!''

Judi (TIME4JUDI) is long-time SparkPeople member with multiple sclerosis (MS). By walking indoors with the help of walking DVDs, she lost 60 pounds in seven months! Now she shares her advice and tips with others who want to walk off the weight withou...  Read more

Body Composition Measures Results

Some people can measure their weight loss by the way they feel and look: firmer thighs, a smaller waist, jiggle-free arms. But then there are the number-crazy ones who desperately need some kind (any kind!) of concrete proof that all their hard work...  Read more

Waist-to-Hip Ratio Estimates Health Risk

Ever notice how some people can have big bellies but lean legs, or how women tend to store most of their fat in their thighs, hips, and butt? These are examples of fat distribution, which refers to where your body typically stores the fat, no matter...  Read more

8 Ways to Reduce Belly Bloat

Maybe you ate the wrong thing or, on a gotta-get-healthier kick, you ate too much of the right thing (think fiber). All you know is that the inevitable discomfort has ensued and your pants feel a little tighter than they did this morning. What exactl...  Read more

I am pretty proud myself I went to eat and while i
Updated 8/1/2015 12:43:20 AM

I am pretty proud myself I went to eat and while it wasn't the most healthy I had the smallest portion. Yay me!...  Read more

Newbie me...I'm brand me to Spark. I am 41, diabe
Updated 8/1/2015 12:57:52 AM

Newbie me...I'm brand me to Spark. I am 41, diabetic and trying to get my blood sugars under control and lose weight so I can get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. Any words of advice or just general support. I'd greatly appreciate...  Read more

Olive Garden for dinner was a bad idea! My belly
Updated 8/1/2015 12:27:03 AM

Olive Garden for dinner was a bad idea! My belly hurts!! 😥 (I did eat lots of salad and only had half my entree...and no pop! Go me!)...  Read more

hi everyone am new here and I need friends to moti
Updated 7/31/2015 9:37:15 PM

hi everyone am new here and I need friends to motivate me. I so far lost 10kg with exercise and eating clean. I still have 15kg till I reach my goal weight. any tips!?...  Read more

Idk what is going on. I am a little discouraged ag
Updated 7/31/2015 8:53:22 PM

Idk what is going on. I am a little discouraged again. I went to the doctors office and got on their scale. It read different than mine. I just weighed in on Tuesday and was pretty happy about the results, until today......  Read more

Belly Fat

Do bridges and planks instead of crunches to get rid of belly fat....  Read more

Belly Fat

Dr Hyman Says, Skip the sugar in all of its forms. Especially liquid calories from any source (soda, juice, alcohol) all of which store belly fat. Get high fructose corn syrup out of your diet, it is especially good at laying down belly fat.Ditch the...  Read more

Sparkling Belly Dancers

Everyone is welcome to shimmy: whether you are a performer or wishing you were brave enough to take your first step. We are here to discuss our gorgeous healthy dance journey....  Read more

Win the Battle of the 'Menopause Belly' Bulge

Editor's Note: Cathy Cram, M.S., is the resident maternal fitness expert on our sister site, She writes a monthly series on menopause health and fitness. By Cathy Cram, M.S. One of the first changes many postmenopausal women not...  Read more

You Asked: How Do I Tone My Lower Abs?

SparkPeople member BUTTERFLIY recently asked a very common fitness question: "I have a lot of weight under my belly button! How and what can I do to work the lower part of my belly?"This is a very common complaint for women. We naturally hold a littl...  Read more

Best Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat-How to Lose Belly Fat With Exercise

Everybody knows that losing fat in the belly area can be tough. While you cannot spot reduce, there are best exercises you can do along with cardio training and a healthy nutrition plan which can get you the results you desire. In the video belo...  Read more

Frustration of the Belly Fat

Because of my belly fat, there are a couple of yoga poses I can't do ... yet. I'm not going to say that I will never be able to do them because I will. It will take a little bit of time for me to lose that belly fat but I can and will do it....  Read more