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What Is A Good Diet Plan Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is A Good Diet Plan.

6 Less Common Signs of a Good Workout

These days, many people live and die by the numbers churned out on their heart rate monitors or fitness devices, analyzing how long their heart rate stayed in the cardio zone versus the fat-burning zone to define the quality of their exercise program...  Read more

Weight Loss can be a Team Effort

So there I was, cruising along on the exercise bike (as I often am) and thinking (as I often do). I was thinking about the positive, sometimes amazing changes I’ve made in my life thanks to fitness. I was just about to congratulate myself...  Read more

Your Good-Better-Best Guide to the Grocery

One of the best things about supermarkets can also be the most confusing: all the choices! When walking from aisle to aisle, it can be overwhelming to look at all the products in each section. Just think of all the choices when you’re looking a...  Read more

An Exercise in Self-Esteem

If you’re like most people who want to lose weight, you probably think that shedding a few pounds will help you feel better about yourself. And chances are, you see exercise simply as something you need to do to accomplish that goal. But here&r...  Read more

Light Baking Done Right

If you're trying to lighten your caloric load or lose weight, are you destined to days of tasteless cookies, or—worse—a life without sweets and treats? Of course not! There are plenty of ways you can substitute lower-calorie ingr...  Read more

Took the dog on a very good walk this evening righ
Updated 8/22/2016 10:31:53 PM

Took the dog on a very good walk this evening right as it was getting dark👌👌 Went in a circle around the neighborhood once and then down two more roads to get home❤it was good....  Read more

Didn't have the best eating day...I'm at -436cals.
Updated 8/22/2016 10:35:14 PM

Didn't have the best eating day...I'm at -436cals. Ate a littleeee too much👌😭😕it'll take time....  Read more

I feel like a failure! I start and stop my diet ev
Updated 8/22/2016 10:46:26 PM

I feel like a failure! I start and stop my diet everyday. I also gained 4 4lbs this week I'm 36 and people assume I'm older because of my size, which puts me in distress....  Read more

Starting my diet. Again. Let's see if I can do t
Updated 8/22/2016 10:08:57 PM

Starting my diet. Again. Let's see if I can do this and lose 30 pounds...  Read more

I am losing my weight slowly. I have lost 1 pound
Updated 8/22/2016 10:07:38 PM

I am losing my weight slowly. I have lost 1 pound since last weigh in. I am happy I am losing it slowly....  Read more

Find the plan right for YOU!

I have tried diet plans A-Z, trust me I have... I probably have most diet books written, But, I finally found the perfect one for me. It has taken years, but, it is all of the foods I love and I am finally losing weight again! I am soooo excited!!!...  Read more

Plan Your Calorie Day with a Cookie If you enjoy Cookies

Plan out your diet a few days at a time. It helps you make sure you have healthy choices in your home if you stick to your plan when you go grocery shopping. If you have a sweet tooth, be realistic, plan for it with the best healthy option that you...  Read more

Fibro Warriors

Fibromyalgia is an often painful and lonely experience; and we hope that having friends makes things a little easier and life seem a little better. Please join us in encouraging one another...  Read more

All You Need Is Love...Tough Love, That Is

It’s pretty clear that progress towards any important goal goes a lot better when you can maintain a positive state of mind. Positive goals, positive (but realistic) expectations, and positive self-talk all help us stay motivated and survive th...  Read more

Hey, You! Cheer Up!

A parody, to the tune of Hey, Jude.  Hey you, I know it’s bad,You’ll have to get strong to make it better,Remember to always lead with  your heart,Then you can start to make it better.Hey you, don't be dismayed,Your body&rsq...  Read more

Acute pancreatitis is not a good diet plan

Here's the scoop on my 240 weigh in--these last five pounds were probably completely due to an attack of acute pancreatitis that put me in the hospital last Sunday. I was in incredible pain, flat on my back for 5 long days and 4 nights--NPO for the...  Read more