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Ways To Eat Less Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Ways To Eat Less.

9 Noteworthy Nutrition Goals for the New Year

It’s hard to ignore the refreshing feeling a new year brings. It’s a chance to re-evaluate your life and think about where you might like to make changes. Statistics show that most resolutions don’t work, so we’re going dive i...  Read more

Beat the Crowds at the Gym

If you have a gym membership, you know how frustrating it can be when the gym is too crowded for comfort. Isn't it tough enough to muster the motivation to head out the door to exercise? Then you arrive, dressed and ready for a workout, only to f...  Read more

9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Setting a goal (such as losing weight) and implementing steps to reach it (like portion control) are two very different things. When it comes to eating healthier—or eating less for that matter—it isn't always as simple as "just e...  Read more

The Right Salad May Help You Eat Less

A recent study had 42 women eating lunch that consisted of a first course salad and a pasta entrée. The salads they ate varied in both the calorie content and the portion size, but all contained lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, an...  Read more

13 Shortcuts to Meet Your 5-a-Day Quota

We all know we should be eating our fruits and vegetables. You’ve probably heard the recommendations for meeting a 5-a-day quota, or seen the USDA’s recommendation to fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies during each meal. And y...  Read more

well yesterday wasn't a great day for me! I ate 16
Updated 5/25/2015 8:33:43 AM

well yesterday wasn't a great day for me! I ate 1655 calories after a BBQ and a few cocktails. Even though I was very active I still put on one lb. hoping its water weight. At least I know I can't eat that much anymore. I have to stay in range! Ugh...  Read more

A little help pleaese
Updated 5/25/2015 2:01:16 PM

Could somebody please tell me what Collard green are. Thanks Trev...  Read more

So glad I don't do emotional eating anymore becaus
Updated 5/25/2015 1:36:34 PM

So glad I don't do emotional eating anymore because I would be binging candy right now. I just can't really catch a break at work....  Read more

If I actually manage to cook, then eat all of what
Updated 5/25/2015 6:14:08 AM

If I actually manage to cook, then eat all of what I have planned for dinner I'll be in pretty good shape! Need to summon up the energy, though. My get up and go has got up and gone!...  Read more

Today was a challenge. I ate almost all of my calo
Updated 5/25/2015 3:28:13 AM

Today was a challenge. I ate almost all of my calories for the day @ breakfast. I ate horrible but I stopped myself at just under 1200 calories. Didn't eat (and surprisingly wasn't hungry) 'til after I had tons of water and worked out....  Read more

A Meal Is A Meal Is A Meal

A restaurant or vacation meal is not a "treat", it is a meal!Love this one I found here!...  Read more

Hang With The Right People

If you hang around people who exercise regularly and eat in healthy ways, you are absolutely going to succeed in becoming a healthy YOU.104...  Read more

College Students

This group is for college students who are looking to get healthier and need a little support from those in a similar situation...  Read more

Healthy Headlines from Around the Web

6 Yoga Poses for a Rock-Solid Core from ShapeAmericans need to try harder to eat fruits, vegetables from USA TodayDo These 5 Things to Prevent Workout Injuries from Fit Sugar6 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Swimsuit from Fit Bottomed GirlsWhy Stress...  Read more

This Week's Healthy Headlines

Spiced Brown Rice and Cabbage Salad from Daily Garnish25 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day from Health.comSouthwestern Soup from The Edible PerspectiveNutrition Myths That Can Cause Weight Gain from Fit Sugar7 Ways to Make Gym Cardio Bearable from Healt...  Read more

Easy Ways to Eat Less

Easy Ways to Eat Less Looking to trim your portion sizes? Try some of these easy tips to get started. Eat with big utensils. Those who eat with large forks and spoons tend to eat less than those who eat with smaller utensils, probably due...  Read more