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Walking Route Distance Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Walking Route Distance.

Choosing a Walking or Running Route

Fitness can be incredibly simple. Sometimes, the most effective workouts don't need celebrity spokespeople or a payment plan. Walking and running are excellent ways to stay in shape year-round. These basic workouts are convenient, feasible al...  Read more

''The More I Walk, the Better I Feel!''

SparkPeople member WALKWITME started out at 210 pounds, walking two to three miles at a time. Now her weight is down to 153 pounds (less than 20 pounds away from her ultimate goal) and her mileage is up—sometimes to 10 miles per day! Find out h...  Read more

''I Walked From a Size 14 to a Size 8''

Bonnie (BONNIEBELLE2), who declined to share her starting weight, knew she was overweight and was ready to do something about it. So she started by putting one foot in front of the other with a walking program. Forty-two pounds later, she’s dro...  Read more

No Pain = BIG Gain

We’ve all heard that a combination of diet and regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and keep it off long term.    For some of us, common sense dictates that the more you work out—and the higher the int...  Read more

Walking Safety Tips

If you are new to exercise, here are some important health and safety tips so you can start your walking program off on the right foot. Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. He or she may require that you...  Read more

A Walk With God
Updated 2/1/2015 8:37:50 AM

We don’t always know what it means in our own life, “God never gives us more than we can handle”, well for me this month I understand what it has meant in my life for the past few years. I have been trying to care for my family, work, go to school, a...  Read more

Bought clothes a size smaller, came home walked 3.
Updated 2/1/2015 6:18:36 AM

Bought clothes a size smaller, came home walked 3.2 miles 30 sec faster than last time, signed up for first 5k. Celebrating life 57lbs smaller today!...  Read more

I love this show too! I only watch it when I walk

I love this show too! I only watch it when I walk on my treadmill, so if I want to find out what happens on the show, I need to get up and walk. It's so motivating!...  Read more

I mapped there different routes that I walk. I sa
Updated 1/31/2015 5:44:57 PM

I mapped there different routes that I walk. I saved them. Now I can't find them. Can you help?...  Read more

I walked 3 laps today at the park instead of my no
Updated 1/30/2015 3:17:08 PM

I walked 3 laps today at the park instead of my normal 2. Usually takes me 10 minutes but it took 17 today....  Read more

Mapping walking routes

I love the little mapper for planning and measuring distances that I walk on my daily routes. I can plan my 1 mile (and back) and other routes on the trails and sidewalks near my home. Makes it easy to add to the tracker and accumulate those minutes...  Read more

easy way to plot your routes and your calorie burn!

Check out Fantastic programme that allows you to plot your walking/running/cycling routes and calculates your distance in miles or kilometres. Not only does it work out your distance in miles or kilometers... factor in your weight...  Read more


Rain or Shine, Indoor or Outdoor Walk, WALK & WALK SOME MORE. Lose Weight, Inches, and Stress with support every Step & Mile along the way! "Every day is a great day to take a walk" ~Leslie Sansone...  Read more

Start Training Now for SparkPeople's Fall 5K

Fall is almost here, but Halloween candy and décor is already appearing. While everyone's favorite candy-and-costumes holiday can be a real deterrent for your diet, you can vow to stay on track—at least when it comes to your fitness&...  Read more

I Can Run a Mile After All (and Now I Can Track My Runs, Too)!

"I only run when chased."That was my answer any time I was asked about running, otherwise known as torture disguised as exercise.If I ran, it would be:1. to catch a bus, plane or train2. to outrun someone chasing me (This never happened, bu...  Read more