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Two Row Barley Malt Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Two Row Barley Malt.

Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

That white, powdery substance just makes you feel good. You can't get it off your mind, and you keep coming back for more. The more you have it, the more you want it! But even when you try to stay away from it, it finds ways to sneak into your li...  Read more

Herbs and Spices to ''Spark'' Your Food

Wake up your taste buds! Cooking with herbs and spices will enhance the flavor of healthy foods without adding fat, salt, sugar, or calories. Herbs and spices contribute bright color, savory taste and sensational aroma. Tips for using herbs and...  Read more

Whole Grains are the Whole Package

Health experts agree that we need to eat more whole grains for optimal health. But most people don’t know what whole grains are. They have been shown to reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity, but knowing the he...  Read more

The Most Undervalued Piece of Equipment in the Gym

Are you sick of the same-old cardio machines at the gym? Bored by the treadmill? Tired of the elliptical? Can't stand to do another mile on the stationary bike or another flight on the stair climber? Well, then, it's time you head over to the...  Read more

Plan Today, Succeed Tomorrow

Athletes do it. Chess players do it. Novelists, successful scientists and even salespeople do it. These days, everyone who wants to make big things happen is planning ahead in order to succeed. What about you? When it comes to planning ahead to reach...  Read more

What are your two need every day?
Updated 1/25/2015 7:43:52 AM

Music, Laughter, Love...  Read more

Well two and half pounds to till I break 200 yehhh
Updated 1/21/2015 9:04:02 PM

Well two and half pounds to till I break 200 yehhhhh! !!!!...  Read more

How in the hell I gain 2 pounds in two days. I had
Updated 1/20/2015 8:45:35 PM

How in the hell I gain 2 pounds in two days. I had just lost 5 =( I will not give up just going to try harder. What do you think about a no carb diet?...  Read more

Two Years on but never on Message Board
Updated 1/22/2015 1:07:18 PM

Okay, so here I am on the message board, something I thought I would never need to do. I have been counseled by Jumpstartmd and prior to that HMR over the past two years. I started out a whopping 244 and now weigh 167.2 but have also been down to 16...  Read more

Two weeks in, 8lbs gone! As an over weight 22yr ol
Updated 1/18/2015 10:48:18 AM

Two weeks in, 8lbs gone! As an over weight 22yr old college student and full-time employee, I didn't think this would work for me- but it has!! Just stick with it! :)...  Read more

Make your sandals last this summer

Well I read in cosmo that sweat take 24hours to evaporate, so if you want your sandals to last this summer, dont wear them two days in a row:)...  Read more

Diagnosed with food allergies...

I've recently been diagnosed with allergies to wheat, oats, soy, malt, barley and rye... I'm not saying go out and find yourself an allergy, but I can't help but think if I hadn't been diagnosed I'd still be in my rut. I'm eating so much better. Fres...  Read more

Spark Homeschooling Parents

Homeschool your kids? JOIN US! We have challenges in finding time to exercise & meal planning on a (usually one-income) budget, just to name two....  Read more

Is Gluten Intolerance on the Rise? What You Should Know

Gluten is a protein found in products made from wheat, rye and some forms of oats. In some people, gluten can trigger an immune response, which damages the fingerlike projections of the small intestine known as villi causing them to become flattened...  Read more

Women's 8 Biggest Eating Mistakes

Munching MisstepsYou watch what you eat and feel pretty savvy about nutrition. But as you’re racing from one chore to the next, it’s easy to skimp on certain nutrients and overdose on others. The good news: “There’s no food o...  Read more