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Turnip Greens Weight Loss Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Turnip Greens Weight Loss.

Getting Your Greens

When Martha Stewart was doing hard time, there were reports that she voluntarily pulled up weeds outside in the prison yard each day. Was she just trying to get out early for good behavior? Not quite. Martha was actually taking an unconventional appr...  Read more

What to Eat This Winter

For most of us, eating seasonally is a foreign concept. Many people don't even know that foods have a season, let alone what foods are in season at any given time of year. In the U.S., we enjoy practically unlimited access to any food at any time...  Read more

Over 100 Super Foods for a Super You

Faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a locomotive… Nutrient-packed with health enhancing properties… Here come the SUPER FOODS! These foods benefit your body in so many ways. They power your brain, and...  Read more

Herbs and Spices to ''Spark'' Your Food

Wake up your taste buds! Cooking with herbs and spices will enhance the flavor of healthy foods without adding fat, salt, sugar, or calories. Herbs and spices contribute bright color, savory taste and sensational aroma. Tips for using herbs and...  Read more

Delicious Ways to Boost Fiber Intake

Fiber is one of the easiest nutrients to incorporate into your diet, and one of the most important. However, many Americans don’t get the much needed 25 to 35 grams recommended daily for a healthy diet. Insufficient fiber intake can increase yo...  Read more

Hello! New to the site. I diet. I lose weight..hit
Updated 2/14/2016 2:34:46 AM

Hello! New to the site. I diet. I lose weight..hit a plateau..give up..gain back + every time! Started dieting 2/1 and so far down 10#. 30 more to go. No loss in one week. Can't hit daily cals. 0 hungry. Ystrday 525, Fri 950. Pls help..need buddies?...  Read more

How many of you gained weight after smoking? I qui
Updated 2/14/2016 1:51:43 AM

How many of you gained weight after smoking? I quit 15 months ago and went from 130 to 175. I didn't even change my eating habits after I quit smoking....  Read more

35 Pound loss! [female] [19]
Updated 2/13/2016 11:33:16 PM

I'm new to this site but just wanted to pop in and say hello, give ya'll a bit of motivation! I lost a total of 35 pounds in one year :) It was hard work but when your dedicated and know the right way to go about it, success is a walk in the park!!...  Read more

Starting my Weight loss journey today. Both excit
Updated 2/13/2016 11:38:23 PM

Starting my Weight loss journey today. Both excited and nervous, feeling like I just want to fail already....  Read more

Went to the gym today did some weight and squad. G
Updated 2/13/2016 9:46:44 PM

Went to the gym today did some weight and squad. Good workout day....  Read more

Drink lots of water and eat at least 3 TBLS of greens

Drink at least 32 oz of water - twice day and eat either turnips greens or spinach before eating anything else....  Read more

Accomplish Weight Loss

Eating lots of veggies such as arugula, Asparagus, spinach, kale, cucumber,and collards, Cabbage, Broccoli, spinach, Celery, Cauliflower, Okra, onion, green beans, carrots, Kale white mushrooms, Turnips, romaine lettuce, red & yellow peppers, these a...  Read more

TOPS Friends

Friends from a TOPS weight loss support group. Welcome all TOPS and KOPS!...  Read more

The Magical Cooking Technique That Will Get You to Eat Your Veggies

Recently, I asked you which healthy food you'd like to learn to eat. The responses were diverse and plentiful.Aside from liver, vegetables were the most common response: from tomatoes to celery, eggplant to green peppers.While I have blog posts p...  Read more

Are You Eating a Rainbow?

It is well understood that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing risks of heart disease, cancer, and digestive problems. Not only do they provide many necessary vitamins and mi...  Read more