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Top Antioxidants Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Top Antioxidants.

6 Super Foods Blooming this Spring

April showers might bring May flowers, but they also bring spring fruits and vegetables and the start of farmer’s market season throughout much of the country and that is equally—if not more—exciting. As we switch from warm soups an...  Read more

The Benefits of Berries

Isn’t it wonderful when something that tastes so yummy is also good for you? That’s what you get when you enjoy the delicious, sweet flavor of berries. The pigments that give berries their deep red, blue, black and purple hues are powerfu...  Read more

The Top 20 Antioxidant-Packed Foods

If you’ve ever made a fruit salad, you probably know that squeezing lemon juice onto the apples, pears, and bananas will keep the fruit from turning brown. This brown color happens because of a process called oxidation—a reaction between...  Read more

Why Go Organic?

A healthy diet requires more than simply cutting out junk food—it involves getting the most nutritional value out of every bite you take. It takes good food to build a fit body. But did you know that your food choices also have an impact on the...  Read more

The Unbounded Power of Whole Grains

Using a new method, researchers have discovered that whole grains like corn, whole wheat, oats and brown rice can have as much–or more–antioxidant, anti-cancer activity as vegetables and fruits. Previously, the antioxidant potential o...  Read more

I had fun today trying on tops that were too tight
Updated 11/7/2015 7:14:16 PM

I had fun today trying on tops that were too tight a few weeks ago. I am wearing one tomorrow....  Read more

Today's top story: 13 Things 2do w/a bag of spina
Updated 11/4/2015 1:43:30 PM

Today's top story: 13 Things 2do w/a bag of spinach is a greeeeat read!...  Read more

Anyone have non scale goals? I have a top I plan o
Updated 11/3/2015 1:08:52 PM

Anyone have non scale goals? I have a top I plan on wearing for Thanksgiving that is a little snug right now. I try it on once a week to see if I am there yet....  Read more

muffin top/love handle question... I changed my di
Updated 10/29/2015 12:26:07 PM

muffin top/love handle question... I changed my diet a month ago and also started a daily work out routine. I have lost 8.5 lbs so far and about 4 inches from my waist. However, the inches seem to go and come. Normal process?????...  Read more

feeling on top of the world!
Updated 10/27/2015 12:17:24 PM

feeling on top of the world!...  Read more

Hot Cocoa As A Snack for appetite control? Try it!

Nestle's Carb Select Hot Cocoa Mix has only 25 Calories, 5 Carbs, and 4 sugars. If you dying for chocolate or candy this is a better choice. Cocoa also helps get rid of a headache....  Read more


Broccoli is high in nutrients and calcium. Half of the fiber is insoluble and half is soluble. A great choice for any weight loss diet and can help stave of some cancers like colon, prostate, and breast cancer. Broccoli may cause gas in some people,...  Read more

TOPS Friends

Friends from a TOPS weight loss support group. Welcome all TOPS and KOPS!...  Read more

Food Showdown: Which Berry is Higher in Antioxidants?

By now, you've probably heard about antioxidants, the wonder molecules that may help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. In recent years, many exotic, antioxidant-rich foods like goji berries, mangosteen, and acai have cropped up in the me...  Read more

Foods That Might Help Your Eyesight

It’s a well-known fact that carrots are good for your eyesight, but did you know there are several nutrients that can keep your eyes healthy throughout your life? A healthy diet may help reduce the risk of vision issues like cataracts, glaucoma...  Read more