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Tanning Salons Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Tanning Salons.

10 Ways to Save Money at the Gym

Joining a gym is not a decision you should take lightly—especially since it affects your wallet. Fitness centers come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, offering everything from basic workout equipment to upgrades like massages, tanning, an...  Read more

Plan the Perfect Girls Day Out

Friendships seem to be front and center throughout childhood and early adulthood, but once careers get into full swing and families start to grow, female friendships often take a back seat to other priorities. Nurturing good friendships is hugely imp...  Read more

Boost Your Bathing Suit Confidence

While training one of my clients, we had a conversation that left me thinking for days. Elaine has been exercising with me for over 10 years, is in her seventies, and truly one of my role models. Her high energy, devotion to staying fit and healthy,...  Read more

Beauty Tips for Every Season

Looking your best can be frustrating. Just when you get a beauty routine down pat, the seasons change and suddenly you have to start all over again. Keeping your hair and skin in top condition all year round means working with the weather, not agains...  Read more

The Truth about ''Natural'' Sweeteners

If you’ve wandered into a natural food store lately, you might have noticed that the selection of sweeteners seems to have multiplied. Powders, syrups, and liquids with exotic-sounding names catch your eye, each claiming to be tastier, healthie...  Read more

Looking for other hair dressers and or salon owner
Updated 7/17/2016 10:42:57 PM

Looking for other hair dressers and or salon owners for motivation. Our life styles are crazed sometimes. I love to hear your success stories!...  Read more

Well i got a gift card for my for m
Updated 7/11/2016 6:43:59 AM

Well i got a gift card for my for my bday..i decided Im not using it until i lose weight, so its my reward, hoping it gives me a boost I need...  Read more

Summer goals: Fitbit tan... After walking around N
Updated 7/2/2016 11:47:10 PM

Summer goals: Fitbit tan... After walking around NYC in the sun all day today, it is underway....  Read more

I know some of you won't approve but I started tan
Updated 6/19/2016 10:24:38 PM

I know some of you won't approve but I started tanning to kinda reward myself,i realized today as I'm getting dressed to go out for a walk to the store that for the first time in a long time or maybe ever I'm starting to feel pretty....  Read more

I know that tanning isn't the best choice I could
Updated 6/17/2016 12:28:44 PM

I know that tanning isn't the best choice I could make, I'm aware of the risks but I still really want to do it. I think of it as my reward...  Read more

Never again with the tanning beds

Spray tans and tan lotions are the best alternative for that sunkissed look!...  Read more

unlikely motivation

Having tanning attached to my gym membership totally helps motivate my gym activity. If I'm going to tan, may as well work in a work out. Even if it's just for 30 minutes. I always think, "If I just spend 45 minutes at the gym a few times a week no m...  Read more

Tanning Lovers

A Group for people to talk about tanning and all its benefits. ...  Read more

I Was Addicted to Tanning Beds, until I Got Skin Cancer

Now 29, Christina was addicted to tanning beds when she was diagnosed with melanoma at age 22. She's now passionate about warning others of the dangers of tanning.By Christina Iannaccone Just graduating college, getting engaged, buying a house...  Read more

Give Up the Fake Bake: Tanning Beds Cause Skin Cancer

I was young (which I'd like to think wasn’t THAT long ago), it was common practice to buy a package of visits at the local tanning salon before prom, summer vacation or any other upcoming event. I wouldn't say I did it all the time, but looking back...  Read more

NEVER trust tanning salons...

Ok so yesterday I was in University Mall after I bought my cap and gown for graduation!!!!! I was walking by this tanning place when the girl asked if I would be part of a "test" group. She said I looked like I tan easily (which I do). So, she exp...  Read more

Tanning Salons

So I went to a new tanning salon, I haven't been in months. I was asked all of the usuall questions, filled out my form, and I was ready to tan. However, as I was talking to the woman running the salon, I mentioned wrinkles. I told here I didn't like...  Read more