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Taking Coumadin Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Taking Coumadin.

Guide to Herbal Supplements

An estimated 18 million adults use herbs in some form, and the sale of these products continues to increase.   Herbal supplements, which come from plants that have medicinal properties, claim to cure, treat, or prevent disease.&n...  Read more

6 Fitness Rules Meant to be Broken

We've already debunked some outdated diet rules, but what about fitness? Just as there is plenty of questionable diet and weight-loss advice going around, some exercise "rules" that people live by are downright misleading, misguided or...  Read more

Taking Care of Yourself When You Become the Caregiver

As I sat across the cafe table from my dearest friend, Margie, I was struck by how tired and drawn she looked. This was the first time we had seen in each other in months. Before, we had made a point to meet for lunch or coffee once a week. Now that...  Read more

Dara Torres Took the Plunge at 41

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, we heard countless inspirational stories about the athletes who were there to compete. Every competitor was special and had an inspiring story of the determination, setbacks, and hard work that got them there. But I c...  Read more

5 Mind Games You Need to Stop Playing

Motivation is like cold hard cash: You can never have too much! And when you’re trying to lose weight (for the umpteenth time for many of us) you know that you need a wealth of motivational strategies you can count on. But, with so many motivat...  Read more

At my age of 57, thinking of taking up running.
Updated 7/2/2014 6:49:01 PM

Running has been on my mind off and on for years. Tried it for about six months in my early 40's and absolutely loved it. Then I started to have pain in my right knee. Ignored it and kept running, but it just got worse. So, I finally gave up runn...  Read more

Taking small steps to success
Updated 6/2/2014 7:18:00 AM

Hello, I am also starting again, I've been a member a long time but just couldn't seem to put all the pieces together but I've been trying hard to check in each day and must say it is a big help to a healthier life. Thanks for all the support and r...  Read more

Why taking Before & After pictures
Updated 6/1/2014 11:47:52 AM

Good afternoon everyone :) I am on end of week 4 of a new training program I'm doing. I love the program, but I have to eat 2,000 calories A DAY. Since i've never done such a training before, I am scared to gain weight. During the first 3 weeks,...  Read more

Nervous Newbie Takes Charge - Saying hello!
Updated 5/24/2014 7:41:34 PM

Hello everyone - I am brand new to SP and looking for some SparkFriends for support- and I want to support you! I have recently had a bit of self-realization and that has led me here. I have seen the pounds (about 35 of them) creep up on me over th...  Read more

Anyone else taking phentermine with their diet?
Updated 5/22/2014 7:52:40 AM

I am taking phentermine to help with my diet. It seems to be helping tremendously and I haven't had any bad side effects. Just wondering who else is trying it and if it's working/not working, side effects, thoughts/opinions?...  Read more

stress causes me to overeat

I was home today relaxing. I enjoyed my food plan, worked out cleaned, met my goals for the day. Work has been stressing me out lately and my doc thought a recent weight gain and hi blood pressure was partly because of stress...  Read more

Marking My child's Toys with a Permanent marker!

I belong to a local MOMS Club. Due to that fact and that my child usually has one small toy in hand when we visit the dr. or dentist, I find it necessary to mark his toys with a permanent black marker---I use Sharpie markers and have one in the car...  Read more


1) Daily challenges~it only takes one step at a time to get to where we're going... 2) Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical challenges~it takes a holistic approach to achieve our goals......  Read more

The Stress of Managing Aging Parents

Two years ago I lost my mother-in-law to liver cancer. From diagnosis to her passing we had less than 8 weeks to prepare for her death. It has been a very trying two years as my husband and I have spent countless hours teaching my father-in-law to ca...  Read more

I'm 'Doing Whatever It Takes'

My motto: "Doing whatever it takes."   When the dailySpark asked me to write a guest blog I was completed humbled and honoured. What better way to help inspire people then getting to share my story, where I have been, where I am an...  Read more