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Substitute For Baking Soda Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Substitute For Baking Soda.

Light Baking Done Right

If you're trying to lighten your caloric load or lose weight, are you destined to days of tasteless cookies, or—worse—a life without sweets and treats? Of course not! There are plenty of ways you can substitute lower-calorie ingr...  Read more

All About Artificial Sweeteners

Do you feel like you are surrounded by sweets? Cookies, ice-cream, candy, soda and other sugary treats are everywhere, along with the extra calories and simple carbohydrates they contain. For people with diabetes and those trying to cut calories and...  Read more

50 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

Eating healthier may seem like a daunting task, especially when you're not sure how to start. Will you go hungry? Will your meals taste like cardboard? Will you have to give up your favorite foods? Don't worry. When you make small change...  Read more

Sweet Swaps: Baking with Sugar Substitutes

If you’re seeking to reduce your caloric intake, then sugar substitutes are worth a look. Sweeteners like sucralose and stevia are 200 to 600 times sweeter than granulated cane sugar, and they contain 0 to 5 calories per 1 g serving. When used...  Read more

9 Ways to Tidy Your Budgetand Your Home

Marketers invest millions to convince us that we need the latest and greatest cleaning spray, detergent, and paper towel, so it’s not surprising that tidying up can quickly become a budgetary mess. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor...  Read more

Enjoyed Baked Chicken with Swiss and asparagus (re
Updated 7/21/2016 7:37:27 PM

Enjoyed Baked Chicken with Swiss and asparagus (recipe from SP) VERY GOOD will be making it again....  Read more

It's hard for me to stop drinking sodas. I tried t
Updated 7/20/2016 10:12:41 PM

It's hard for me to stop drinking sodas. I tried to stop, but I keep craving for them....  Read more

Craving for coffee😟 and soda
Updated 7/20/2016 6:40:53 PM

Craving for coffee😟 and soda...  Read more

Baked Teriyaki Salmon with Brown Rice, Carrots & B
Updated 7/20/2016 6:33:09 PM

Baked Teriyaki Salmon with Brown Rice, Carrots & Broccoli. Under 500 cals! 👌🏾...  Read more

Soda is a problem. We bought some for a party and
Updated 7/19/2016 7:24:21 PM

Soda is a problem. We bought some for a party and I've been drinking one a day and have cut back on water significantly. It seems hard to stay on track!...  Read more

saving money on antacids

One way I save money is by substituting baking soda for antacids. My grandmother taught me this trick, and it works wonders when my gastritis is bothering me or when my kids eat too much pepperoni pizza! Just dissolve 1 tsp. baking soda in a glass...  Read more

Substitute Healthy Ingredients when Baking for Less Calories and Greater Nutritional Value

I enjoy baking, and am always on the lookout for new dessert recipes cakes, cookies, squares, you name it. But when it comes to home-made desserts, I frequently overeat and wind up packing on the pounds with all those extra calories. Recently Iv...  Read more

Break the soda habit!

This team is here to help us break the soda habit. If you want to cut back or completely quit, this is the team for you!...  Read more

12 Days of Holiday Cookies: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of our members took the classic chocolate chip cookie and gave it just a little tweak to make it healthier. The good news is that this version is just as tasty as the original. This version also uses a sugar substitute to lower the calories....  Read more

12 Days of Holiday Cookies: Mint Chocolate Chip-Oat Cookies

This recipe was created by Patricia Huller C.C.E., M.Ed., a culinary instructor and healthy baking expert from Cincinnati State's Midwest Culinary Institute, especially for SparkRecipes. Every cookie platter should have a chocolate chip cookie. Thi...  Read more