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Stroke Foundation Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Stroke Foundation.

Consistency Eventually Leads to Breakthroughs!

Consistency, so important to the SparkPeople System, is something our society often overlooks. People are so focused on wanting things now that they aren't willing to spend the time consistently doing small things over time. This attitude results...  Read more

6 Ways to Prevent Snoring

Snoring—that loud, hoarse breathing during sleep—is a nuisance, whether it affects you personally or the person you share a bed with. And that's a lot of people, since 37 million people are consistent snorers, according to the Nationa...  Read more

Swimming: Take the Plunge!

I recently swam laps for the first time since my childhood swimming lessons. The next day, when my muscles were sore and fatigued, I realized that there was much more to swimming than just splashing around. This gentle-but-challenging form of exercis...  Read more

A Guide to Walking Meditation

The word "meditation" is likely to conjure up a mental image of a cross-legged person sitting still in a quiet, peaceful room. While this is the method of choice for many who meditate, others choose a more active route to mindfulness. It...  Read more

The Heart of a Woman

Heart disease is not a disease that only affects men. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), heart disease kills more than 500,000 women annually. In 2001, well over half of the people who died from heart disease were women. Yet...  Read more

I had a stroke 3 years ago and gained 45 pounds. T
Updated 1/28/2016 4:17:46 PM

I had a stroke 3 years ago and gained 45 pounds. Trying to lose it with this app. Need friends and encouragement...  Read more

Happy New Year! Any young stroke survivors out the
Updated 1/2/2016 8:37:41 PM

Happy New Year! Any young stroke survivors out there? I'm six months out and I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has experience in stroke recovery....  Read more

with me having a bad back and a mild stroke is the
Updated 9/25/2015 7:45:23 PM

with me having a bad back and a mild stroke is there a light excersise i can do in the hoise?...  Read more

I need help, after 7 strokes my left side is not s
Updated 9/8/2015 2:59:41 AM

I need help, after 7 strokes my left side is not so strong like used to be, the exercice I do is walking, but if you know about any other one please share it with me...thanks?...  Read more

Anyone here also a stroke survivor?
Updated 8/21/2015 3:08:52 AM

Anyone here also a stroke survivor?...  Read more

Personal Trainer

I've been stuck in the same weight range for so long, but I just kept trying the same workouts. I just started working with a personal trainer and already I feel a difference! Get someone who knows their stuff to help you make a change!...  Read more

Micro Goals

Struggling to keep moving forward? Cut the goals down to achievable accomplishments! Not doing 10K steps a day? Cut down to 5K and, when you do that consistently, add 500 and so on....  Read more

Whole Foods for Health

Learn how a whole foods, starch-centered, plant-based way of eating can help prevent, manage and even reverse serious illness. (vegetarian, vegan, McDougall, PCRM. Diabetes, X, heart, stroke)...  Read more

Reduce Your Stroke Risk Eat More Fish

According to the National Stroke Association, a stroke or "brain attack" is the third leading cause of death in America and a leading cause of adult disability. Since up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable, knowing what you can do to r...  Read more

Think FAST When It Comes to Stroke Awareness

In October 2008 I was watching the World Series when I suddenly noticed the left side of my face becoming numb. At first I thought it was due to a new moisturizer I started using a few weeks earlier. I did not mention anything to my husband when it s...  Read more