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Stretch Upper Back Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Stretch Upper Back.

Exercises to Improve Your Posture

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then posture is a lens to our health. Sit and stand with proper posture and you will physically look 10 years younger—and 10 pounds lighter. Psychologically, good posture conveys confidence, poise and le...  Read more

Medicine Ball Training

Medicine balls are a great way to exercise any area of your body, whether upper, lower, or core. There are different sized exercise balls from 2-12, that you can use for numerous different exercises. Medicine ball training is suitable for...  Read more

Workouts for Skiers and Snowboarders

Snow enthusiasts everywhere are counting down the days until they can hit the slopes. Both skiing and snowboarding are fun and exciting winter pursuits. But these demanding physical activities also pose high risks. Without proper training, you won...  Read more

Easy Vacation Exercises

We love them, we look forward to them, we talk about them for weeks before and weeks after – vacations. Those 1-2 weeks of the year when we get away from it all – work, responsibilities, car pools. Unfortunately, there is something el...  Read more

8 Seated Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair

Although yoga has been around for thousands of years, it's become increasingly popular recently and has undergone quite the makeover. There are intense, sweaty styles of yoga that make the muscles of even the fittest people tremble; there are gen...  Read more

Walking with back problems
Updated 4/25/2016 9:09:31 PM

I have back issues. So when it comes to walking, even in ty he stores, I have pain. I was in a car accident 15 years ago. So I have bad pain in the lower left of my back. Recently, I have been experiencing numbness on the left side of my back with sh...  Read more

Tomorrow I'll get back on track.
Updated 4/24/2016 11:17:33 PM

Tomorrow I'll get back on track....  Read more

Drained my 18 ft pool yesterday, today scrubbed it clean. Now filling it back up. Ended up being
Updated 4/24/2016 8:40:10 PM

Drained my 18 ft pool yesterday, today scrubbed it clean. Now filling it back up. Ended up being an arm and leg workout. Just don't know how I would log that in my workouts. I cleaned on it for like 4 hrs...  Read more

Eat breakfast to knock back bad morning breath:no
Updated 4/24/2016 6:25:30 PM

Eat breakfast to knock back bad morning breath:no one likes to hear it, but it's worse not to know it: you have bad breath....  Read more

I'm hoping to be down about 30lbs when I go back t

I'm hoping to be down about 30lbs when I go back to the doctor in June....  Read more


Lie CROSSWAYS OF BED on stomach hands over head arms by ears really stretch Lift head upper torso hold - breathe deep count to 30 relax count to 10 repeat THIS TIME alternate flex/point toes, repeat THIS TIME alternate feet flex/point toes repeat THI...  Read more

Computer stretches

Simple swaying and stretching to do while in public or at home. Bouncing and bee-booping to the music while at work or even in an internet cafe isn't really out of place and I can feel the burn in just a few minutes. Better than slumping over your co...  Read more

On The Scale Again

This team is for those who have slipped up, gained some or all of their weight back and now want to seriously lose those extra pounds for good....  Read more

Rise and Shine: 8 Stretches You Should Do Each Morning

One of the best ways to start your day in a healthy way is to take a moment to ground your thoughts by stretching and intentionally breathing.  It's amazing what you can accomplish in less than seven minutes to set your day on the right path...  Read more

The Super Slipper Workout

Some of the best workouts are the ones you can do anytime, anywhere. Just because you’re not using fancy gym equipment does not mean you aren’t working hard, challenging your body and getting results. Whether you’re stretched for ti...  Read more