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Step Pedometer Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Step Pedometer.

How to Choose and Use a Pedometer

A recent study from the RAND Corporation found that people who live in the suburbs are more prone to chronic physical health problems than people living in compact urban areas. The theory is that "suburban sprawl" reduces the time people sp...  Read more

Motivated to Move

Nothing motivates like numbers. You see a set of golf clubs you’ve had your eye on for only $359, so you’re motivated to buy. You read that 2,500 babies a year are born with brain and spinal cord defects, so you’re motivat...  Read more

Adding Steps Could Subtract Pounds

Researchers from the University of Tennessee asked overweight women to clip on pedometers to track their steps. They divided these women into two groups. One group was told to aim for 10,000 steps a day (the common recommendation considered to be &qu...  Read more

Getting Started with SparkPeople's Fitness Starter Kit

Congratulations on purchasing SparkPeople's Fitness Starter Kit! You've taken the first step in making fitness—and all the benefits that come with it—a priority in your life. So you've got the kit…but where do you begin...  Read more

10 Fitness Items to Splurge and Save On

Getting fit can be a pricey endeavor. From having the proper footwear to the right sweat-wicking apparel to the gadgets, gizmos and equipment that promise to help get you to your fittest and healthiest, you can spend a small fortune on working out. B...  Read more

Don't worry. Just small steps and small changes!

Don't worry. Just small steps and small changes!...  Read more

Updated 2/13/2016 3:46:24 PM

I actually got in my 10,000 steps each day, Monday through Thursday! Plus I made sure to get in 12-28 flights of stairs at work, Monday through Friday!!...  Read more

Stepping on that scale... I find it very difficult
Updated 2/13/2016 1:50:29 PM

Stepping on that scale... I find it very difficult to not get on the scale. I was sad to see no fluctuation in numbers but I've worked so hard this week. Not giving up though!...  Read more

Big step for me. I had 1/4 pan of brownies left at
Updated 2/13/2016 11:21:35 AM

Big step for me. I had 1/4 pan of brownies left at my house after a celebration. I stated them down last night, ran then under the sink faucet, and tossed them in the trash. Thought I would feel wasteful, but instead I feel powerful!...  Read more

Taking baby steps to overcome bulimia by taking ac
Updated 2/13/2016 8:53:02 AM

Taking baby steps to overcome bulimia by taking accountability for my actions and focusing on exercise and calorie counting β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸ½βœ¨...  Read more

No Big Goals Too Fast!

Failing to make 10,000 steps a day was a bit discouraging until I realized that I hadn't attained a smaller goal of 5,000 steps. I reset my pedometer from 10,000 to 5,000 and four days after reaching 5,000 steps consecutively, I hit 10,000!!! Bottom...  Read more

Pedometer Usage

Wearing my pedometer keeps me motivated to hit my goal steps each day....  Read more

Sparkling Belly Dancers

Everyone is welcome to shimmy: whether you are a performer or wishing you were brave enough to take your first step. We are here to discuss our gorgeous healthy dance journey....  Read more

Step Up the Pace to Turn a Walk into a Workout

Walking can be a great form of exercise. It's cost effective, easy on the joints and can be done almost anywhere. But how fast does your walk need to be? A new study in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that 100 steps per minute ca...  Read more

Fit to Travel: Suitcase-Suitable Fitness Equipment for Under $11

Even if you're not planning to take a full-fledged vacation this year, travel is a necessity for most of us, whether for work, weddings, or weekend trips to visit family and friends. And since you're pursuing a healthy lifestyle, you know that fitnes...  Read more

Got my Step pedometer today!

I bought two step pedometers, one for me and one for my Mom. I was going to start off at 1000 steps a day. But In three hours I have almost done that. So I am going to try for 2000 steps which should be able a mile, depending on my stride. Right now...  Read more