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Standing Torso Twist Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Standing Torso Twist.

Printable Workout: Day 4 Bootcamp

This is the printable version of our Bootcamp Day 4 Workout Video. We recommend that you watch the video (and read its supporting text) before trying this abbreviated version. Knee to Ches...  Read more

Quick and Easy Stretching Routine

When you're short on time, proper stretching can be the first thing to go! That's why we created this short and effective full-body stretching routine that you can breeze through in fewer than five minutes. Remember to warm up first and never...  Read more

60-Second Cardio Moves

SparkPeople has always promoted the benefits of a 10-minute workout as a great way to start incorporating fitness into your life. Studies have shown that the benefits of 10-minute fitness bursts, including improved blood sugar control, can last for u...  Read more

6 Exercises Everyone Over 40 Should Be Doing

After hitting the big 4-0, a lot starts to change in your body, and the theme is decline: At that age, the surgeon general's office has said that women's bone density is "in jeopardy." Men's testosterone levels drop by one...  Read more

Seated Stretching Routine

When you spend a lot of time sitting, especially at a desk or computer, it's important to take stretch breaks. A couple of breaks each day will help you stay alert and keep stiffness at bay. This set of stretches is perfect for people who are alr...  Read more

Best five(5 minutes) move. Stand, holding 3-pound
Updated 6/17/2016 7:10:02 PM

Best five(5 minutes) move. Stand, holding 3-pound Dumbbells at sides. Lunge forward with left left legs until right knee nearly touches ground. Bend left arm into biceps curl, lower. Stand and switch sides....  Read more

Stayed under calories today. Outside I can stand
Updated 6/16/2016 9:12:55 PM

Stayed under calories today. Outside I can stand outside for 2 minutes and burn several calories. May have not made it to the gym but I did exercise around my house today....  Read more

Well, I'm kinda at a stand still. 3 lbs sense the
Updated 6/15/2016 3:45:04 PM

Well, I'm kinda at a stand still. 3 lbs sense the 2nd. But I'm not giving up. I didn't put the weight on over night. Keep on keeping on๐Ÿ˜‰...  Read more

What does DH stand for?
Updated 6/13/2016 10:41:54 PM

What does DH stand for?...  Read more

I. Just. Can't. Stand. It.
Updated 6/24/2016 11:25:51 AM

I switched to here from mfp because I needed to be able to track macros on my phone and mfp doesn't let you do that unless you $ubscribe to their premium $ervice. I need to track macros on my phone because I need to go take care of my 86-yo moth...  Read more


I learned from my kickboxing teacher that you don't need to lay down on the ground to do crunches. Lifting your legs and twisted your torso is another alternative to crunches!!...  Read more

EACH MUSCLE! Homeade by me! Seperate specific muscle moves through workout!

TOTALS: *600 standing crunches to the side*500 stand crunches forward*200 normal froggy squats*200 squeeze tight frog squats*80 norm. calf raises*80 toes in calf raises*80 toes out calf raises*160 tricep lifts on chair*40 push ups*100 laying down kne...  Read more

Tall Ladies

Are you a tall lady (5'9" and over)? Then this is the team for you! Come and join us, share and learn, motivate and inspire - doing it all while you stand tall!...  Read more

Your Easy Kickboxing Workout

Kick Off the CaloriesBlast fat (and stress!) with this easy kickboxing workout, created by TaeBo founder and fitness expert Billy Blanks. JabBilly says: This warm-up also trims your waist and tones your arms and legs.A) Stand with your left leg abou...  Read more

No Crunches Allowed: 9 Abs Exercises You'll Actually Enjoy

From the editors of FITNESS, we share nine abs exercises guaranteed to tone and tighten--with nary a crunch in the bunch! They've included exercises that are guaranteed to get results, whether you're a beginner or an old pro looking to shake...  Read more