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Squash Uses Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Squash Uses.

5 Savory Salad Ideas for Fall and Winter

During the hot summer months, we automatically add salads to our menu plans. A big bowl of crisp lettuce, cool cucumbers and sun-ripened tomatoes tossed lightly with an oil-and-vinegar dressing is always refreshing during the warmest time of the year...  Read more

The 10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow

New to gardening? Worried that planting your first edibles will turn out to be a fruitless labor? Fear not, novice gardener! While not totally foolproof, certain plants are ideal for gardening neophytes who want to increase their chances of gardening...  Read more

More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a locomotive… Nutrient-packed with health enhancing properties… Here come the SUPERFOODS! These foods benefit your body in so many ways. They power your brain, and c...  Read more

Herbs and Spices to ''Spark'' Your Food

Wake up your taste buds! Cooking with herbs and spices will enhance the flavor of healthy foods without adding fat, salt, sugar, or calories. Herbs and spices contribute bright color, savory taste and sensational aroma. Tips for using herbs and...  Read more

9 Meal Makeovers that Will Please Parents and Kids

Think about what is offered on a typical children's menu at a sit-down restaurant: burgers, fries, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets. When did these menu standards become "kid food," and why are we still conforming to...  Read more

Has anyone used before? your thoughts?
Updated 4/28/2016 12:04:06 PM

Has anyone used before? your thoughts? Thinking about it to motivate me....  Read more

I feel like i need to start using heavier dumbbell
Updated 4/28/2016 12:41:38 PM

I feel like i need to start using heavier dumbbells. I have 9 pounds at the moment and fir most excercise they feel easy. Any suggestion what the next size up should be? I was thinking 12, but have hard time deciding....  Read more

Hello all. I'm new to spark. I've been using this
Updated 4/28/2016 12:02:10 AM

Hello all. I'm new to spark. I've been using this app for a week and I think it's going well. I can already see a change in how I think about food. Today was a hard day for me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better....  Read more

Great idea using it while you're on vacation! I'll

Great idea using it while you're on vacation! I'll do that too when I go on vacation in June. Thanks for the idea!...  Read more

I love this app. Since I started using it, I've fi

I love this app. Since I started using it, I've finally been reaching my goals. I track everything I eat and drink. 7lbs in 2 weeks is awesome. You're obviously doing something right! My eating habits have changed dramatically since I've been on SP....  Read more

A filling low-fat meal!

Bake 1/2 of a Spaghetti Squash (seed the squash)While baking the squash1. Saute onion and red pepper in cooking spray2. Add 1/2 cup of shredded cooked chicken3. Add one can of enchilada sauceWhen the squash is done - loosen up with a fork in the s...  Read more

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup1 big butternut squash (mine was about 2 pounds)1/2 cup onion1 can white kidney beans1/2 red pepperbig pile of cut up greens3 cups of water1 cup orange juiceA small amount of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of onio...  Read more

GoodLife Go-ers!

For those of you using GoodLife Fitness Centres as your tool to get fit! It's a good day!!...  Read more

10 Healthy, Easy Ways to Cook Squash of All Sorts

Squash is one of those vegetable categories that spans a whole range of colors, flavors, shapes, textures and growing seasons. From acorn squash to zucchini, this veggie family has it all, including nutrients, fiber and fewer than 75 calories per ser...  Read more

10 Healthy Squash Recipes for Fall

Looking for some new squash recipes this fall? We've rounded up some healthy and delicious squash recipes that are perfect for the fall season. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Butternut Squash Casserole Maple Apple Acorn Squash Bake Broc...  Read more