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Sprinting Lose Weight Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Sprinting Lose Weight.

Strength Training Guidelines for Children & Teens

More and more kids are gravitating toward weight training. In most cases, strength training is safe and encouraged for kids. However, when done incorrectly, whether too intensely or too early in life, it can lead to permanent damage. Fitness trainer...  Read more

How a Good Gut Keeps You Healthy

You've heard the rumblings about bacteria. Once seen as just dirty germs, these microbes are now more accurately divided into two categories: disease-causing agents, or "bad" bacteria, and health-promoting "good" bacteria. ...  Read more

Starting Small is No Bull

Imagine you’re in Pamplona, Spain, in July. You’re sightseeing, shopping through downtown for that perfect souvenir for your spouse back home (hey, someone had to watch the kids, right?). You notice a crowd. Then a commotion. Then, right...  Read more

Reference Guide to Anaerobic Exercise

SparkPeople’s Exercise Reference Guides offer an in-depth look at the principles of fitness. We often hear a lot about aerobic or “cardio” exercise and how it improves fitness, reduces one’s risk of lifestyle diseases, an...  Read more

Get Results with Interval Training

I used to be a competitive long distance runner. Day in and day out I’d run mile upon mile, training for the next big race. Some days it meant running a six or seven mile loop that included several (seemingly endless) hills. Other days, I warme...  Read more

Hello:) I also have over 100lbs to lose. I just st

Hello:) I also have over 100lbs to lose. I just started, but over the past month I have tried more fitness activities and been more active than I've ever been before. I started with swimming....first by taking an aquafit class, then adding water jogg...  Read more

Lost my first 10 lbs.....! So excited! Would have
Updated 3/30/2015 3:20:51 PM

Lost my first 10 lbs.....! So excited! Would have been a LOT harder without this app! Thanks everyone for the encouragement!...  Read more

10.5 pounds lost!!
Updated 3/30/2015 12:10:54 AM

And I don't want to find them again. Its hard work. Bravo to all of us for sticking with it. 334 I am going to keep pushing forward. I am doing a non-food reward every 5 pounds so I am going to relish in that this week. Thanks for being...  Read more

I'm 40 I want to lose 60lbs, I have been on sparks
Updated 3/30/2015 6:37:00 AM

I'm 40 I want to lose 60lbs, I have been on sparks for 2 weeks and only went over my calorie hole once and haven't lost a single lb. 😤 what am I doing wrong?...  Read more

Partially handicapped and gaining weight. I alway
Updated 3/29/2015 2:08:30 PM

Partially handicapped and gaining weight. I always start but don't finish when I don't see a change....  Read more

Quick weight Loss

I do quick sprints during my work out to burn more calories198...  Read more


constant, loyal, dedicated and strict...  Read more

TOPS Friends

Friends from a TOPS weight loss support group. Welcome all TOPS and KOPS!...  Read more

Pump It Up: Rockin' 45-Minute Cardio Playlist

Music goes a long way with motivating me to work out. I can't imagine running, teaching Spinning class or even lifting weights without some good tunes to keep my mood and energy levels high. When I teach classes, music takes center stage. I take a lo...  Read more

The 4-Minute Miracle Workout (That Really Works)

Tight on time?Don't give up on your workout today. If you have a mere four minutes—that's just 240 total seconds—to spare (and who doesn't), then you do have time to squeeze in a super effective workout that provides major hea...  Read more