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Sprinting Barefoot Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Sprinting Barefoot.

The Pros and Cons of Barefoot Running

Although barefoot running has been practiced in some parts of the world for hundreds of years, the concept has only recently gained popularity as an alternative to traditional running shoes in the Western world.  The book "Born to Run,"...  Read more

Strength Training Guidelines for Children & Teens

More and more kids are gravitating toward weight training. In most cases, strength training is safe and encouraged for kids. However, when done incorrectly, whether too intensely or too early in life, it can lead to permanent damage. Fitness trainer...  Read more

PHA: Transform Your Body with this Heart-Pumping Workout

The health and fitness world can sometimes feel like a puzzle of acronyms. From WOD and AMRAP to HIIT and LISS, you may feel like you need a dictionary to navigate your way through the gym or studio. We’re always on the lookout for new workout...  Read more

Find the Perfect Workout Shoe for You

Your feet work hard every day, carrying you through your daily tasks while you walk, stand, carry, lift, climb, clean, work, and exercise. If you neglect your feet—especially during a workout—then your feet with have to deal with swelling...  Read more

Starting Small is No Bull

Imagine you’re in Pamplona, Spain, in July. You’re sightseeing, shopping through downtown for that perfect souvenir for your spouse back home (hey, someone had to watch the kids, right?). You notice a crowd. Then a commotion. Then, right...  Read more

10x200 meter sprint time!!
Updated 7/25/2016 9:42:59 AM

10x200 meter sprint time!!...  Read more

Barefoot running
Updated 7/12/2016 8:15:52 PM

One danger that was not brought up when barefoot running. Running in sand!! What is sand? Silicon. What is one ingredient in glass - Sand.....  Read more

I was scheduled to do hill sprints this morning an
Updated 6/22/2016 8:49:58 PM

I was scheduled to do hill sprints this morning and I didn't get out of bed in time. Now I have to do them in the afternoon heat. Yuck! Serves me right for being lazy I guess. Time to get to it!...  Read more

I just sprinted for the bus. I feel amazing. I've
Updated 6/14/2016 2:10:45 PM

I just sprinted for the bus. I feel amazing. I've never been able to do that without getting winded. I'm turning into a bad ass. I'm excited....  Read more

Have decided to do a spartan sprint. Giving a year
Updated 5/6/2016 9:39:59 AM

Have decided to do a spartan sprint. Giving a year to prepare. I am currently 230+ looking to see if there is anyone out there with OCR experience and advice for ramping up my workouts for what i need to accomplish?...  Read more

Is Barefoot Running Really Better?

Is Barefoot Running Really Better?A growing number of runners are ditching their shoes to hit the trails barefoot or in minimalist shoes even though the benefits haven't been proven. Should you join the minimalist movement?If you enjoy running, cha...  Read more

Sign up for a Race

Choose a race now for spring or early summer. Start training now! Enjoy watching your skills grow in the coming weeks as you prepare for your event. And when it's race time, take time to enjoy watching everyone run her/his own race. It's an amazing t...  Read more

Barefoot Running & Functional Fitness Enthusiasts

For those interested in various forms of functional fitness / functional exercise and barefoot running/ walking/ activities and associated (and lack of) footware and research...  Read more

5 Exercises for Stronger, More Flexible Feet

Over the past three decades, fitness shoe manufacturers have developed advanced technology to cushion and control motion in our feet and ankles. While this advanced support can feel great, it doesn't allow our joints and soft tissue to artic...  Read more

Poll: 5 Footwear Trends for 2011, Which One(s) Have You Tried?

Having been a member of the running community for over five years now, I have seen a number of new footwear trends picking up speed. Last month the American College of Sports Medicine released its top five footwear trends for 2011. Everything from b...  Read more