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Slow Digestion Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Slow Digestion.

11 Tips to Lose Weight while Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, you gained many much-needed pounds to grow and support your baby, but not every pound gained can be attributed to "baby weight" that goes away after your baby is born. A typical pregnancy weight gain (roughly 25-35 pounds)...  Read more

Lactose Intolerance and a Healthy Diet

Milk. It does a body good. Unless it doesn't, that is. While milk is an excellent source of calcium and protein, up to 75% of the world's population cannot properly digest lactose, the sugar found in milk. When they try, the result...  Read more

Choosing the Best Energy Bar

You walk into your local grocery or convenience store and inevitably stumble upon a sea of energy bars. Feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the plethora of health claims, you quickly buy an eye-catching bar with an appealing flavor. But did you really ge...  Read more

Stop and Chew Your Dinner

In this era of fast-paced everything, even the act of eating a meal has become something we can do on the run. Breakfast comes in bars, lunch can be eaten while speeding down the highway, and dinner is merely an accompaniment to the evening news, squ...  Read more

Getting Fit with GERD

The relationship between exercise and gastro esophageal reflux disorder (GERD) is a tricky one. For some people, moderate exercise can help reduce GERD symptoms and benefit the body in countless other ways too. In a 2004 study in the gastroenterology...  Read more

I'm 26 have been slowing working on losing weight.
Updated 7/6/2015 9:25:13 PM

I'm 26 have been slowing working on losing weight. At first I started strong but now my motivation is disappearing. I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys 7, and 2. I'm l hoping to lose at least 50 to 60 pounds. Looking for someone as a motivation buddy....  Read more

Bummed the weight is coming off so slow. I know I
Updated 7/3/2015 9:49:30 AM

Bummed the weight is coming off so slow. I know I have issues w/my body but so do other people. :( I go to the gym daily and track but my body just stops. Its sad. I can gains 4 pounds overnight and a week later I am still trying to lose it....  Read more

After a slow day yesterday I managed to beat my st
Updated 6/26/2015 8:49:47 AM

After a slow day yesterday I managed to beat my step goal today, and log over an hour of active minutes on my Fitbit! I can relax this evening! Every step is now a bonus!...  Read more

feeling depressed weight coming off too slow
Updated 6/25/2015 2:07:12 AM

feeling depressed weight coming off too slow...  Read more

For not giving up, even when it's been very slow a

For not giving up, even when it's been very slow and difficult, with lots of ups and downs...........  Read more

Supplement our diet with fiber

Although I eat quite a bit of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, I have an extremely slow digestion system due to having thyroid disease. It takes forever for my body to break down the foods. I started taking fiber capsules with my meals a few mont...  Read more

Oatmeal...Feel Full

People who ate a warm oatmeal breakfast felt fuller four hours later than those who had cold cereal...the fiber in the oatmeal slows digestion and should keep you full until lunch.Add 4 walnuts to protect you heart or flax seed. Berries for even more...  Read more

Cooking for Fast Lives

Life is faster than ever, so how to get healthy, delicious meals on the table? We'll explore slow and pressure cookers, big-batch cooking, and other ways to make fantastic meals stress-free!...  Read more

The Best After-Dinner Stretches for Thanksgiving Day

After a large meal, such as Thanksgiving dinner, I like to take a short walk to jump-start digestion. If I've overindulged and feel a bit blah in the belly, I add in a few quick stretches to get the digestive juices flowing.Today I'm sharing...  Read more

Weight Busters: Finding Strategies to Keep Moving When the Scale Will Not

I appreciate the positive responses and “club” name ideas shared by readers of my earlier blog, But What if I Can’t Lose Weight. I am starting a new series to provide ideas, topics and suggestions that may help you move forward in your quest for weig...  Read more