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Sleep Patterns Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Sleep Patterns.

Getting Rest with RLS

When your legs ache, you can usually lie down and relax to alleviate your symptoms. But for people who suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS for short), relaxing only makes them hurt more. According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as...  Read more

Nutrition Tips and Supplements for Insomnia

Is a good night’s sleep eluding you? Tossing and turning the whole night through, Drowsiness, fatigue, a lack of sleep, There is more help than just counting sheep. There are many factors that can cause sleep problems, and even more...  Read more

A Healthy Diet for Dealing with Depression

Although the foods you eat cannot treat depression, your diet does have significant effects on your mood, energy levels, mental health, and your ability to cope with stress. If you suffer from depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), certain...  Read more

Yoga Helps Prevent Middle-Age Spread

A new study by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington has found that regular yoga practice may help normal-weight people prevent middle-age spread and may promote weight loss among those who are overweight. ...  Read more

Wake Up to the Importance of Exercise

You stayed up late last night to finish a project, woke up groggy only to realize that you’d slept through the alarm clock, skipped breakfast, then almost fell asleep in the middle of an important morning meeting. It’s now mid-afternoon a...  Read more

Slept maybe 2 hours all night legs were really bot
Updated 5/24/2016 7:29:42 AM

Slept maybe 2 hours all night legs were really bothering me .I figured out why when I went to take my morning meds and my night meds for yesterday were still there. Duh🤓🤓🤓...  Read more

Have sleep apnea, but can't use the CPAP
Updated 5/23/2016 2:41:01 PM

I have had sleep apnea for about 10 years now and have high blood pressure, diabetes, GERD, etc (all from the apnea). My problem is that I am super claustrophobic and can't use the CPAP machine. I have tried to get the dental appliance, but they say...  Read more

I'm curious how much sleep everyone gets and what
Updated 5/22/2016 9:37:47 AM

I'm curious how much sleep everyone gets and what time everyone gets up. I would love to exercise in the morning but I don't think I could do it. I get up at 4:30 and start work at 6. I go to bed about 10:30 at night. I can't see getting up earlier....  Read more

Being feeling so tired all I want to do is sleep..
Updated 5/21/2016 5:58:23 PM

Being feeling so tired all I want to do is sleep......  Read more

2 days of no eating and lots of sleep from feeling
Updated 5/23/2016 6:54:18 PM

2 days of no eating and lots of sleep from feeling sick. down a few more pounds...  Read more


I'm 56, almost 57 so I guess about 17 years ago I had a midlife crisis. I found a doctor who prescribed phen-fen for me and I lost a lost of weight through not eating and being hyper to the point of not sleeping and exercising 3-5 hours a day 7 days...  Read more

I can't stress it enough: EXERCISE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE

A few years ago, when I was at my heaviest, I often felt that my life was out of control. I was too tired and self-defeated to imagine how I could EVER feel any better! I was out of breath walking to the mailbox! I was overwhelmed at the idea of rest...  Read more

Hose Heads (Sleep Apnea)

A dynamic support group for those who suffer from sleep apnea and for anyone with family or friends who have this condition....  Read more

Improve Your Diet By Getting More Sleep

Do you find that it's easier to stick to your diet when you're well-rested? Is it difficult to stay on track when you're not? New research shows that not getting enough sleep can affect the food choices you make when you're awake. That's just one...  Read more

Do You Keep a Fitness Journal?

Many of us have come to appreciate one of the most valuable tools in our arsenal to lose weight and reclaim our health and that is by keeping a food journal. Tracking calories and nutrients allows us to become more aware of our food intake, portions,...  Read more

Sleep patterns - vicious cycle

I have noticed a pattern with me. I wake up around 7 every day. I have a coffee because I rarely feel very rested. By about 9 I feel like I can finally get going and get stuff done. By about 2-3pm I hit an energy low and have another cup of coffee. I...  Read more

Day 25 The importance of sleep patterns....

So I messed up my sleep pattern and now I am tired all the time.....lesson learned!!!...  Read more