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Sleep Diary For Children Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Sleep Diary For Children.

How to Stop a Migraine in Its Tracks

If you live with migraines, you might already be familiar with the pain and discomfort they cause. Migraines are a specific type of headache often identified by episodes of throbbing pain and, sometimes, nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to light. Migr...  Read more

Eating with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Imagine experiencing severe abdominal pain, along with alternating bouts of both constipation and diarrhea. Even worse, your doctor can find no physical explanation or effective treatment for you, despite these very real symptoms. Unfortunately, this...  Read more

Discover the Power of Food Tracking

You hear all the time that to lose weight, you should track what you eat. Well, a 2008 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that keeping a "food diary" may double your weight loss efforts. Researchers fr...  Read more

How Weight-Loss Blogging Can Help You Reach Your Goals

To some, "blogging" may seem confusing or somewhat intimidating. Heck, even the word “blog” itself sounds a little sci-fi. But I’m here to tell you that blogging is actually quite easy, and it can be immensely helpful in s...  Read more

The Key to Weight-Loss Success

Finally-- here it is. You have been waiting to hear these words for years...or at least as long the zipper on your skinny jeans hasn't budged. The key to weight-loss success! It's not a shake, a supplement, or an exercise gizmo. You have it a...  Read more

Has anyone dealt with a child that binge eats at n
Updated 2/11/2016 2:56:59 PM

Has anyone dealt with a child that binge eats at night? He will wake up at night and eat cake mix, cocoa mix, and half jars of peanut butter. He's only 9 years, and is very thin for his age, only about 56lbs. I'm at a loss. :(...  Read more

Yes, when they aren't sleeping, they are helping!

Yes, when they aren't sleeping, they are helping! Lol, I have six, so one is always awake to help. I enjoy the constant help, except when I'm cooking. Cat hair isn't my favorite condiment, though it does add fiber....  Read more

Good morning everyone. Could not sleep well last
Updated 2/11/2016 9:20:40 AM

Good morning everyone. Could not sleep well last night. So at midnight I got up, and started cleaning up, that made me hungry so I eat my breakfast way to early. Now it is the normal time for my breakfast and I am hungry. ??...  Read more

Sleep? Where are you?
Updated 2/10/2016 10:01:14 AM

Sleep? Where are you?...  Read more

Going to sleep feeling hungry is the worst. I alre
Updated 2/9/2016 8:13:14 PM

Going to sleep feeling hungry is the worst. I already drank a bunch of water and will be up like 4 times to pee overnight. #dietproblems lol...  Read more

Keeping track

I use a 'mums diary' to keep track of everything during the day and then update SparkPeople in the evening when I have a little time to myself. These diaries are great as they have seperate columns for each child, which I use for tracking my fruit/ve...  Read more


Dogs and children can sleep right through a bad thunderstorm as we had last night till 3 AM and I couldn't go to bed. I checked on my 7 year old DGD and she was dead to the world.. Dogs laid under the fan and slept right on. I like quiet when I sleep...  Read more

You're Not The Only One Without Kids!

Welcome to our 'child free' SParkers who want a safe and honest place to discuss our choices for not having children (and all things that come from that)...  Read more

New Food Allergy Guidelines Released

In some individuals, foods, medications, latex or insect stings cause an immune response. More than 170 food or food additives have been found to cause allergic reactions. However, over ninety percent of those responses come from eight common food ty...  Read more

Study: Tech + Tracking Helps You Stick with Your Weight-Loss Plan

Something in common with many of the Success Stories on SparkPeople is that those members used our free Nutrition and Fitness Trackers to help them reach their weight loss goal. Being able to track your nutrition intake and how much fitness activity...  Read more