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Sleep Clinic Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Sleep Clinic.

How to Stop a Migraine in Its Tracks

If you live with migraines, you might already be familiar with the pain and discomfort they cause. Migraines are a specific type of headache often identified by episodes of throbbing pain and, sometimes, nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to light. Migr...  Read more

What Does Digestive Wellness Really Look Like?

Digestion isn't the kind of thing you have to think about much. You eat, and well, digestion just happens. Usually we're more concerned with what we're eating (Is it delicious? Does it meet our nutritional needs?) than what happens after...  Read more

8 Healthy Energy Boosters

You're sitting at work, and you feel yourself drifting off. Your head is bobbing, and you're minutes away from zonking out completely. Sure, you plan to hit the hay early tonight to make up for it, but you need help NOW. (Snoring or drooling...  Read more

29 Proven Methods to Manage Aches & Pains

Many people struggle with pain. Whether it's short term from an injury or chronic due to disc issues, neuropathy or Fibromyalgia, we all want to find relief. Pain clinics and medical interventions are great places to begin, but some pain sufferer...  Read more

Strategies that Fight Cellulite

Although working out and eating right help you feel good and improve your health, there's no doubt that most of us also do so to improve our appearance. And with shorts and swimsuit season quickly approaching, cellulite might be on the minds of m...  Read more

So I looked it up and a person sleeping burns .5 c
Updated 10/1/2015 7:08:50 PM

So I looked it up and a person sleeping burns .5 cal per pound per hour so I'm going to take a nap and burn 187.5 calories , working hard for the loss . lol...  Read more

I need to find a way to get a lil more sleep witho
Updated 10/1/2015 1:01:02 PM

I need to find a way to get a lil more sleep without medication....  Read more

Ahh my 7 month old is still sleeping which means I
Updated 9/30/2015 8:33:50 AM

Ahh my 7 month old is still sleeping which means I get to enjoy a cup of coffee! (yes this is a big deal for me lol)...  Read more

I over slept and now I'm super groggy, don't feel
Updated 9/29/2015 1:44:29 PM

I over slept and now I'm super groggy, don't feel like working out but still gotta...ugh...  Read more

too much coffee can't sleep
Updated 9/28/2015 11:50:20 PM

too much coffee can't sleep...  Read more

staying motivated

i have chosen to participate in one fitness event per month. helps me focus on training; helps structure my workouts and decreases my cravings to indulge...  Read more

Earn TV time with exercise

I make myself 'earn' minutes to watch TV or play computer games by exercising. ie, to watch 30 minutes of TV, I need 30 minutes of activity. 'activity' includes household chores, so this gets me moving, limits how much junk I watch, and gives me a...  Read more

Hose Heads (Sleep Apnea)

A dynamic support group for those who suffer from sleep apnea and for anyone with family or friends who have this condition....  Read more

Walgreens Take Care Clinics to Offer Free Health Care to Their Patients

As we all face the challenges of tough economic times, many of those who have found themselves jobless, sadly have lost their health benefits as well. With the rising cost of health care, many without benefits find themselves either paying out of poc...  Read more

Enter to Win 1 of 5 Copies of 'Tired and Wired'

Today we're giving away five copies of a fascinating new book: Are You Tired and Wired? We featured this book in our "must-read" roundup earlier this month, and we were thrilled when the author offered to give away five copies of the book to luc...  Read more

Sleep Clinic

I found out I have obstructive sleep apnea and will need to use a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machine at night to keep my airway open. I went to the sleep clinic last night to try out face masks and nasal "pillows" and slept there l...  Read more

Sleep Clinic

So tonight I have to go back to the sleep clinic that I went to a year ago at the worst point of my insomnia. It's a one year check up and I don't want to go AND I have been been sleeping just fine for a while now, but I guess it will be nice to kno...  Read more