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Signs Of Overhydration Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Signs Of Overhydration.

When Does Nutrition Become an Obsession?

With roughly 45 million Americans dieting each year, healthy eating is a hot topic—not only at New Year's, but through all seasons. But at what point does eating nutritious foods become an unhealthy obsession?   When most peop...  Read more

5 Signs It's Time to Get Serious about Weight Loss

It's easy to say that you want to lose weight. It's also easy to find the motivation to hit the gym regularly and choose the right foods in the beginning. After a few weeks, our motivation seems to wane and those old, unhealthy habits of your...  Read more

The Heart of a Woman

Heart disease is not a disease that only affects men. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), heart disease kills more than 500,000 women annually. In 2001, well over half of the people who died from heart disease were women. Yet...  Read more

4 Signs You Need to Lift More Weight

When I was a Wellness Director for a YMCA I overheard a member ask my fellow director to help him adjust his workout regimen. He just “wasn’t getting anywhere” despite being very committed and diligent to his workouts. This was a ve...  Read more

Measure Progress Without the Scale

Frustrated. Disappointed. Hopeless. Skeptical. Whichever you choose, these emotions are enemies of people trying to lose weight—especially when you feel like you have done everything right. For many trying to shed pounds, the elation from...  Read more

I just signed up for my first gym membership ever!
Updated 7/25/2016 1:23:29 PM

I just signed up for my first gym membership ever! I live in a small town and they actually are opening up a gym that people can afford! $1 sign up fee! I'm super excited! I will be ready when they have their grand opening soon! 😍...  Read more

#motivation The article on signs of thyroid is
Updated 7/25/2016 9:17:12 AM

#motivation The article on signs of thyroid issue is for me . I am on med for it but I feel sometimes it doesn't work. My weight fluctuating alot. I hate it. Why I don't weight myself alot. But not giving up...  Read more

Are you signing in with the same username and pass

Are you signing in with the same username and password? Coach Denise...  Read more

Accidentally signed up for diabetes logging
Updated 7/21/2016 9:28:43 PM

Sorry, but I am new here and I had been searching the site for details on Diabetes as my hubby has been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. Whilst doing this I accidentally joined something which is now putting details about testing my blood on the nutr...  Read more

Signed up today. I've done spark people in the pas
Updated 7/18/2016 2:48:58 AM

Signed up today. I've done spark people in the past with some success. Going to learn new habits rather than thinking I'm on a diet. #firstpost...  Read more

Trouble losing weight, Fatigue, Headaches, Sweats, Dizziness, Yeast infections?

Most people don't even know ...These are all signs of pre-diabetes or diabetes. Other signs are frequent urination, always thirsty, tingling to the feet or hands, being tired all the time, itching. Ask your doctor for an A1C test, don't wait... thes...  Read more

Grow your college savings (for free)

Sign up for and receive college money for your children. You earn money when shopping online, filling up with gas, buying certain grocery items, and other things. You can also get your family and friends to save for your child too. It...  Read more

Leaving 220-ville

If you are making your way out of the 220s, stop in here while you find the EXIT sign once and for all....  Read more

When Too Much Water Can Cause Problems for Runners

For many runners, our biggest concern after injury, is becoming dehydrated, especially when temperatures start to sore and our mileage begins to creep up. While dehydration can be an issue, overhydration can be an even more dangerous issue, particula...  Read more

Running Tip: The Importance of Hydration

Hydration is something many of us take for granted, but it is even more important the more active we are. Water is one nutrient we cannot, nor should not forgo. While we can go for weeks without food, water is a whole different scenario. Without wate...  Read more