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Shin Splint Or Stress Fracture Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Shin Splint Or Stress Fracture.

Tips and Hints to Deal with Shin Splints

The phrase "shin splint" is a generic term that describes pain in the lower leg, either on the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) side of the shin bone. This pain usually begins as a dull ache that can't be pinpointed; it can be felt...  Read more

Ouch! Avoiding the Aches and Pains

Exercise beginners usually try to make up for lost time by going all out their first week. The result? Injury or intense soreness. Pain does not necessarily mean gain. Many injuries occur at joints, where bones meet and provide motion. An enormo...  Read more

Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action

When you think about working out—or even see it on TV, in movies, or at your own gym—does stretching come to mind? Probably not. Stretching is easily ignored, even in commercials for gyms. Yet it's an important part of any fitnes...  Read more

How to Run with Proper Form and Technique

Running may be challenging, but it is an activity humans were designed to do—and it's something nearly everyone can enjoy if we allow time and patience for our bodies to adapt to the demands of the sport. But that doesn't mean that prop...  Read more

6 Stretches Every Runner Should Do

Stretching is an important component of any fitness routine. Although it can be tempting to finish a run and skip the stretches, you know better. Stretching has many benefits, including increased range of motion and improved muscular coordination. Re...  Read more

I just put my dad in a nursing home, stressed out.
Updated 11/18/2015 4:23:17 PM

I just put my dad in a nursing home, stressed out. I have to go clean out his stuff at the assisted living. No time for exercise. Today nothing to eat until 2pm. Ughhh. I know I have to eat and drink but I'm stressed and I don't feel like it....  Read more

Moderation, relaxation (not stressing if I go over

Moderation, relaxation (not stressing if I go over a calorie goal) and keeping up my exercise plan....  Read more

I gave up on being sad and add extra stress to mys

I gave up on being sad and add extra stress to myself about what people think years ago, and I accepted they DON'T understand PCOS. So we gotto do what we gotto do to take care of ourselves, and losing weight will help all those side effects to heal....  Read more

Need ideas how to stop when stress/emotional eatin
Updated 11/24/2015 3:25:14 PM

Need ideas how to stop when stress/emotional eating takes over around 9pm. Rest of the day was relatively healthy & active. Ruined the day by overeating & staying up later than usual & of course tired & mad at myself today. ????...  Read more

Stress ate last night before bed :( I dont normall
Updated 11/17/2015 10:57:42 AM

Stress ate last night before bed :( I dont normally struggle with emotional eating but my husband having surgery today must have triggered something..going to get back to healthy eating habits now...  Read more

When Injured, Do the Right Thing

Because exercise is such an important part of losing weight & converting to a different lifestyle, don't put yourself in jeopardy by "minimizing" the affect of an injury. Whether it's a strained muscle, shin splints or something more, take the time...  Read more

Walking, Running or Working Out, Make Sure You Wear the Right Shoes

Getting the correct fitting shoes is part of my sucess. I have very flat feet. Not only that, I severely over pronate. That's part of the reason I was nick named Ducky when I was in the Marine Corps. You would think that I would need Motion Control...  Read more


Rain or Shine, Indoor or Outdoor Walk, WALK & WALK SOME MORE. Lose Weight, Inches, and Stress with support every Step & Mile along the way! "Every day is a great day to take a walk" ~Leslie Sansone...  Read more

Running Inconveniences Part 3

This is the third in a series of blogs regarding those running inconveniences that may not sideline you as a runner, but if you fail to seek early intervention, may do just that. Today’s blog will cover one of the most common and dreaded running inc...  Read more

The Top Healthy Headlines

A Great Video about Operation BeautifulLiquid Calories: What Cold Coffee Drinks Are the Worst? Eating Vegetables Doesn’t Stop Cancer Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Fights French Fries Stars Who've Run a Marathon Spaghetti with ‘Neat’ Sauce a...  Read more

Shin splint or stress fracture??? or something else??

I sent an email to Coach Joe explaining my situation and asking for his take on it. He came back with a little assessment I could do... He told me to stand on the foot of the affected leg and see if I can hop. I can hop one time... He said if it's...  Read more