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Running Songs Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Running Songs.

How to Create the Perfect Workout Playlist

You know that scene in High Fidelity where John Cusack is touting the importance of the perfectly crafted mix tape? A tape that has to kick off with a killer track to grab attention, then take it up a notch, then cool it off a notch?    ...  Read more

Cardio Tunes!

“My uptown girl!  You know I’m in love with an uptown girl!”  As these lyrics pump through your headphones, it’s easy to forget that while Billy Joel sings to you, you’re actually running on the treadmill.&...  Read more

Music Makes Workouts More Pleasurable

Going to the gym and working out can get monotonous. The same machines, the same steps on the treadmill, it gets boring. Aside from changing gyms, what is something that can be done to make it a little more exciting each time you go? The answer i...  Read more

All About Zumba Class!

You've probably heard of the fitness craze Zumba, a workout known as a dance fitness party. I originally tried Zumba with a friend by following a fitness DVD. While the DVD was fun and the hip-swiveling moves were a blast (and effective at w...  Read more

Get Results with Interval Training

I used to be a competitive long distance runner. Day in and day out I’d run mile upon mile, training for the next big race. Some days it meant running a six or seven mile loop that included several (seemingly endless) hills. Other days, I warme...  Read more

Today was my second time going with a running grou
Updated 9/21/2016 9:40:04 PM

Today was my second time going with a running group and it was SO DIFFICULT. I was the slowest and ended up by myself. I felt so heavy and tired. I did 1.75 miles but I hate feeling like an asthmatic hippo! Feel bad that my weight got so high. Ugh....  Read more

Running 2-3 days a week, 2-3 miles each time, the
Updated 9/21/2016 1:39:13 PM

Running 2-3 days a week, 2-3 miles each time, the scale hasn't moved😒...  Read more

My friend Georgia was run over by a truck Thur mor
Updated 9/21/2016 12:35:20 AM

My friend Georgia was run over by a truck Thur morning. She was the young lady i mentored. Drunk driver, turned himself in yesterday....  Read more

Running hurts. Not the day of, but for the next 3
Updated 9/20/2016 10:21:02 PM

Running hurts. Not the day of, but for the next 3 days. The pain just subsided enough for me to go at it again. Silly me, I know. Something something definition of crazy LOL !!!...  Read more

I went to the gym running N rode a bike
Updated 9/19/2016 12:24:46 PM

I went to the gym running N rode a bike...  Read more

Old Fashioned Cheering, Meet New Technology

I've asked friends to call my Google Voice Number and leave me an encouraging message for my Half Marathon run. I'll add the messages to my iPod Shuffle so they will play randomly between my running songs during the race....  Read more

the power of music

I love music. It can bring me up, make me cry, remind me of an event in my life, make me smile...or even laugh!When I was going through my divorce, I listened to Jackson Browne's 'I'm Alive' CD over and over. Those are the songs he wrote when he an...  Read more

TriSport:Triathletes, Swimmers, Cyclists & Runners

Anything triathlon! Everything Swimming, Biking, Running and Cross-training. Members from beginners to Iron Man competitors are welcome....  Read more

Vote for the Best Running Songs of All Time (Volume 2!)

If you've been around SparkPeople for a while, you might remember when we created a list of the Top 100 Running Songs of All Time a few years back. Since more great running tracks have come out in the meantime, we decided we were due to create a...  Read more

The Best Running Songs of All Time (Volume Two!)

A great running song needs three elements: Lyrics that bring out the champion diva inside, infectious beats that propel you forward every time the bass drops and that little extra something that makes you look forward to--or distracts you from--all t...  Read more

Marathon training update and today's top running songs

So I just began week 5 of marathon training yesterday, and so far, so good. I ran 126+ miles in January, my highest mileage month since last August, and augmented it with stationary bike and walking. I have dropped 3 lbs so far in 2013 against a...  Read more

Running songs
e_top_100_running_songs_of_all_time Running songs... I want to remember. Can someone please download them and create a playlist for me????...  Read more