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Running Shoes Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Running Shoes.

Find the Perfect Workout Shoe for You

Your feet work hard every day, carrying you through your daily tasks while you walk, stand, carry, lift, climb, clean, work, and exercise. If you neglect your feet—especially during a workout—then your feet with have to deal with swelling...  Read more

The Pros and Cons of Barefoot Running

Although barefoot running has been practiced in some parts of the world for hundreds of years, the concept has only recently gained popularity as an alternative to traditional running shoes in the Western world.  The book "Born to Run,"...  Read more

Don't Be a Runnin' Fool

Whether your goal is to finish a marathon, or make it to the end of the block without stopping, running can be a great addition to your exercise routine. In fact, running burns more calories per minute than most other forms of cardio exercise.&n...  Read more

How to Turn Your Walk into a Run

You have been walking faithfully four to five days a week, gradually increasing your time to 30 minutes or longer. Congratulations! But after following this routine for several weeks, you may no longer feel the challenge you once did. You feel it&rsq...  Read more

How to Maintain Your Workout Motivation All Year Long

When you first start a new fitness routine, you are energized and your motivation levels are at an all-time high. But over time, that motivation begins to wane and what used to seem easy to do (popping in that workout DVD, heading out for a walk or g...  Read more

Just started a running program on the 14th. I run
Updated 8/19/2016 1:58:12 PM

Just started a running program on the 14th. I run every other day using the running for weight loss app. Love it! On my off days I do low intensity chair exercises. How long before I will see any benefit of this? #firstpost...  Read more

NSV....went for my 3 mile walk...ran 1:2 run walk
Updated 8/19/2016 9:12:55 AM

NSV....went for my 3 mile walk...ran 1:2 run walk intervals and on a whim uped the ante and did 1:1 intervals for the last mile...and didn't die!...  Read more

Ok running friends favorite running shoe.....go!!!
Updated 8/19/2016 7:30:26 AM

Ok running friends favorite running shoe.....go!!!...  Read more

90 lbs lost! 50 more to go! Was so excited, I ran
Updated 8/21/2016 2:53:42 PM

90 lbs lost! 50 more to go! Was so excited, I ran 3 miles! #exercise #achievement...  Read more

Weight Vest/Flack Run
Updated 8/18/2016 7:28:42 PM

How would I calculate calories burned during a run with additional weight added via a vest/flack jacket? Adding about an extra 20lbs (23 with camelback)....  Read more

Shopping for a pair of running shoes?

Shopping for a pair of running shoes? Learn about the types available and how to find a pair that's right for you.The most important equipment for a runner is a pair of properly-fitting running shoes. Before you go the store, think about your running...  Read more

Wear Your Running Shoes!

First thing in the morning and all throughout the day, wear your running shoes in the house. Somehow, it makes you feel like you should be getting up and moving and doing something, whether it is cleaning or exercising. Its easy to stay on the couc...  Read more

TriSport:Triathletes, Swimmers, Cyclists & Runners

Anything triathlon! Everything Swimming, Biking, Running and Cross-training. Members from beginners to Iron Man competitors are welcome....  Read more

We Tried It: Adidas Adizero Feather 2 Running Shoes

Recently, I was asked if I wanted to try out a new pair of running shoes and blog about the experience.  I usually hesitate with things like this (because I’m picky about my running shoes), but was very intrigued by this product. Maybe the...  Read more

Contest Closed: Enter to Win adidas ClimaCool Ride Shoes

Contest Closed. The winners are: SPARKLE1908 and GRAMMIE061.Need some new kicks? Then be sure to enter to win this week's giveaway: Two lucky winners will get a pair of women's adidas ClimaCool Ride running shoes, which are available in 26 co...  Read more

New Running Shoes

Now that the heart of the 2016 cycling season is behind me, I'm in the initial phases of my fall/winter training plan which includes working back up to jogging a 5k and then a 10k. So I got some new shoes today (my old running shoes are two or three...  Read more

Plateaus & running shoes

Oh, how I despise them! But look, I'm not complaining. Not really, anyway. Because I have been stepping it up with both cardio and strength training over the last three weeks, and the first week I lost 2.5 pounds right away. My muscles are sore in a...  Read more