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Preserve Meat Without Refrigeration Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Preserve Meat Without Refrigeration.

5 Ways to Prevent Food from Going to Waste

Food spoils--and quickly! When thinking about your own kitchen, you may not view the food you toss or the leftovers you never eat as money down the drain, but food waste has a major impact on your bank account and the environment. The Natural Resourc...  Read more

No More Bland Diet Food!

All of us are striving to cook in a way that's healthy and simple. Unfortunately, healthy and simple can sometimes add up to bland: A plain piece of broiled fish or baked chicken isn’t particularly exciting, right? The remedy for the h...  Read more

Simple Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is the season for fresh produce—from your garden, the local farmers market, or nearby farms. It can be so tempting to buy in bulk—after all, you've waited all year for the perfect strawberry or tomato—and when you grow yo...  Read more

SparkPeople Experts' Refrigerators Exposed!

Although everyone's preferences differ, it's nice to have some staple foods on hand to make quick and tasty dishes that are good for you, too. So what do the experts behind keep in their own refrigerators? See what they stock...  Read more

Portable Snacking Tips and Ideas

Eating is no longer an activity only experienced around the table with friends and family. Quick, how many times this past week have you eaten on the run? No place is safe either – the car, your desk, maybe even the shower! Our time is strapped...  Read more

I have lost most of the weight without exercising
Updated 7/23/2016 1:11:06 PM

I have lost most of the weight without exercising beyond doing daily steps. I really want to tone up. I have back issues so I want to be smart with my choices. Would you mind sharing your exercise plan for toning, strengthening, stretching....  Read more

Brunch at Mickey D's. Egg McMuffin, without the Ca
Updated 7/22/2016 2:08:38 PM

Brunch at Mickey D's. Egg McMuffin, without the Canadian bacon. That helps, I suppose. And hashbrowns, but I haven't had them in what seems like years. I found two Arch gift cards while packing, Lol! McDonalds has gotten expensive!...  Read more

Lost 1.5 lbs without the use of constant reminder
Updated 7/21/2016 9:26:19 PM

Lost 1.5 lbs without the use of constant reminder of the scale....  Read more

Anyone else losing without exercising beyond walki
Updated 7/21/2016 8:13:57 AM

Anyone else losing without exercising beyond walking and getting steps in ? Back issues so this is all I do now. Will add more later. Yoga....  Read more

Rain rain go away! Can it just go one day without
Updated 7/20/2016 12:29:05 PM

Rain rain go away! Can it just go one day without rain? This weekend hopefully :)...  Read more

Sticking to a diet plan

Plan, plan, plan. I make batches of healthy snacks which need no refrigeration. Example : sugar free meringues, I change the flavouring often so I don't get bored ; meat crisps (put lean meat in the oven until it is crispy). I keep tupperwares at...  Read more

Longer life for Trader Joe's greens

I buy Sorrento and Spring salads and baby spinach, all in cellophane. I'd place a paper towel in an opened bag to absorb moisture and fold the opened end, but the greens began to rot soon. A few nights ago, I opened a Spring mix and tossed it back i...  Read more

You're Not The Only One Without Kids!

Welcome to our 'child free' SParkers who want a safe and honest place to discuss our choices for not having children (and all things that come from that)...  Read more

Are You Willing to Pay More for Healthy Food?

A recent study finds that Americans aren’t willing to put their money where their mouth is for healthier restaurant options. Are some foods worth the extra cash?Footing the BillA study published in June finds that a large chunk o...  Read more

How Misleading is the Term 'Processed Food'?

We hear over and over that we should cut back on processed foods to have a more healthful diet. On the surface that sounds good but is that really accurate? When you review a time line of How America Grew related to food trends over the last 50 years...  Read more