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Post Workout Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Post Workout.

What to Eat After You Work Out

Everyone knows that athletes must plan and time their meals and snacks very carefully to reach their performance goals. But what about the rest of us? You try to squeeze in 30-60 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Do you have to be careful ab...  Read more

10 Perfect Protein Powder Recipes

Protein is an important component of any diet for satiety, muscle repair, and generating hormones and enzymes. Need a protein pick-me-up? These filling recipes are great for refueling after a workout--or anytime!    ...  Read more

5 Diet Mistakes That Derail Your Workouts

Your diet may be the missing link in your training plan. Here are some common nutrition mistakes that many athletes and exercise enthusiasts make that can negatively affect performance. (Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with the solutio...  Read more

Basking in the Orange Glow of Orangetheory Fitness

Fifteen minutes into my first Orangetheory Fitness workout, I was hooked. The music was energetic, the group's spirits were high and, despite my overwhelming hatred for running, I actually thought I had pretty decent form as I pounded the (treadm...  Read more

Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action

When you think about working out—or even see it on TV, in movies, or at your own gym—does stretching come to mind? Probably not. Stretching is easily ignored, even in commercials for gyms. Yet it's an important part of any fitnes...  Read more

Did I post a bad thing?
Updated 5/23/2016 4:13:39 PM

I posted that I wanted to know what a cleanse is and this is what I got on my post. I'm confused. Did I asked a no no? Offend someone? I don't understand this. Reply Create A New Topic Subscribe to this Discussion Page: 1 of (1) ...  Read more

Updated 5/24/2016 6:13:20 AM

The workouts posted st this site are awesome and you will get results however a message to spark people I started a new one from here without a warm up and now I have a crick in my neck do bad I can't move. Your people on the workout should start wi...  Read more

Some of you doing street workout :) ? Recommand me
Updated 5/22/2016 4:34:58 AM

Some of you doing street workout :) ? Recommand me some killer abs exercises at the bar . Cheers !...  Read more

I'm really enjoying swimming as part of my workout
Updated 5/22/2016 6:36:55 AM

I'm really enjoying swimming as part of my workout. I'm feeling muscles I haven't felt in a long time!!...  Read more

Does anyone else have a workout partner that is ne
Updated 5/21/2016 11:06:52 PM

Does anyone else have a workout partner that is negative all the time? Thinking of bringing this up but not wanting to be rude with it either. Just not healthy after a while ya know?...  Read more


I eat protein right after working out...  Read more

Start your day with a speedy metabolism.

Did you know that you continue to burn calories post workout! It's called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. I call it afterburn. Try going on a BRISK morning walk before breakfast for 10 - 30 minutes. (you could also do this before lunch and...  Read more

Dance Dance Revolution

For those of us that love the game and realize that it's a great workout as well =)...  Read more

You Asked: Is Muscle Milk Good for You?

Performance enhancing supplements have become big business. Many drinks, powders and bars promise a competitive edge through increased strength, development of an ultra lean body or increased recovery responses so you can work out harder and more eff...  Read more

Is Chocolate Milk Ideal after a Workout?

Nutrition and sports professionals study every nutrient combination to look for just the right competitive edge. Post workout recovery was critical for Michael Phelps in his record setting Olympics performance, too. Well, this year's Olympics may jus...  Read more

What food do you crave post workout?

What do you eat before a workout so you're not left feeling too full? What do you crave post workout? Making healthy snacking choices can be fun, convenient and more importantly... delicious! Spark People put out a nice one pager with 55 health...  Read more

Pre and post workout

Getting ready to work it. So poised. Much coiffed. Very clean. 1 hour of grunting. So sweat. Much tangled. Very glow. Now it's shower time. Happy Saturday!...  Read more