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Plyometrics For Jumping Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Plyometrics For Jumping.

9 Cross-Training Activities for Runners

The only way to become a better runner is to run, but the more running replaces other exercises in your fitness program, the more likely you are to become injured, suffer from burnout, or develop muscular imbalances. So what's a runner to do (bes...  Read more

10 Smart Ways to Burn More Calories

We all like to get more done in less time, right? We shop from our computers to forgo waiting in lines at department stores and microwave our foods to cut down on cooking time. Some of us even take multitasking to new levels by checking our email whi...  Read more

Over 110 Cardio Workout Ideas

You all probably know how great aerobic activity is for your heart, body and mind. After all, regular cardio exercise has been shown to reduce body fat, decrease total cholesterol, boost mood, lower resting heart rate, and improve heart and lung func...  Read more

How to Crush a Workout Cramp

You're killing your workout, feeling strong and confident. Maybe you're three miles into a brisk walk, a few meters into your swim routine or in the home stretch of a 5K run. Your heart and lungs are cooperating, your form is on point and you...  Read more

Low-Impact Exercises That Burn Major Calories

If you're new to exercise, overweight, or dealing with pain caused by an injury or a chronic condition like arthritis, your doctor may have recommended that you start a low-impact workout program. But what does "low impact" really mean&...  Read more

My doctor prescribed Adipex to jump start my weigh
Updated 4/30/2016 8:52:34 PM

My doctor prescribed Adipex to jump start my weight loss journey. I would love to lose 75-100 lbs. This is week 2, and I'm already noticing results. Anyone else using Adipex along with a low calorie diet?...  Read more

I fake jump rope sometimes lol. I look stupid with

I fake jump rope sometimes lol. I look stupid with no real rope but it burns a crazy amount of energy!! I also like to run my stairs....  Read more

So I jumped on the scale this morning and I'm down
Updated 4/26/2016 3:49:14 PM

So I jumped on the scale this morning and I'm down 3lbs......already lol I kinda been doing the wild diet and doing 30 to 45 minute kettle Bell workouts 3x a week. On my rest days I did just cardio. I should be down in no time 😁...  Read more

Well ive managed after all the weight jumps ive lo
Updated 4/26/2016 12:37:07 PM

Well ive managed after all the weight jumps ive lost over 3lbs...  Read more

Exercise break! 15 jumping jacks!
Updated 4/24/2016 2:20:00 PM

Exercise break! 15 jumping jacks!...  Read more

Try Plyometrics for Killer Cardio Workout

My gym offers a class based on just doing plyometrics; short/high intensity intervals of running, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, name it. For 50 minutes our heart rate is HIGH. Though it is a TOUGH workout and sometimes hard to keep...  Read more

Get a great workout

Do calisthenics during the commercial breaks when you are watching TV. The idea is to exercise intensely for the length of the break, as one would do in interval training....  Read more

~~100 PLUS CLUB~~

Have 100 plus lbs. to lose? This is the group to do it with! Great bunch of people who motivate, challenge, help, and support each other. Jump in and join a challenge or just hang out!...  Read more

DVD Review: Get R.I.P.P.E.D. in Less Than 50 Minutes a Day!

We're always on the lookout for new fitness DVDs that are fun, challenging, and easy to fit into a busy day. So when R.I.P.P.E.D.: Total Body Challenge promised us a calorie-torching, full-body interval workout in less than 50 minutes, we had to...  Read more

Low Impact vs. High Impact Exercises: Which is Right for You?

People often ask me whether certain workouts are "high impact" or "low impact," and in answering them, I have discovered is that there is a lot of confusion among exercisers about what these terms really mean. Yes, they deal somew...  Read more