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Pilates Video Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Pilates Video.

8 Workouts You'll Love if You Hate to Sweat

There's little I love more than a good run or high-energy kickboxing class where you leave completely covered and dripping with sweat. There's something about being drenched that signals—to me—that I've had a really good worko...  Read more

12 Workouts to Pack for Your Next Vacation

What is it about traveling that makes us forget the word "exercise" exists and believe calories magically don't count? No matter if it's a work trip, a beach getaway or an international adventure, the minute you pull into that hotel...  Read more

9 Myths & Misconceptions about Pilates

When I tell people that I'm a master Pilates trainer, I get a lot of interesting reactions. People who practice and love Pilates are quick to ask their burning questions or express their envy at my "dream" job. But many people who are l...  Read more

25 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

Everyone's holding their wallets and purse strings a little tighter these days. But that doesn't mean that you have to give up on getting fit just because times are tight. Exercise can be easy to fit into your day, just as it can be inexpensi...  Read more

A Skeptic's Guide to Pilates

As a fitness instructor, I get a lot of questions about Pilates, from what it is to how it benefits the body. I too was skeptical about how this "gentle" form of exercise—which, to me, looked a lot like lying on the floor—could...  Read more

Getting psyched to start Pilates next week. Physi
Updated 4/26/2016 9:25:02 PM

Getting psyched to start Pilates next week. Physio says I'm good to go, yay!...  Read more

Did my regular daily work out video for 30 mins, t
Updated 4/26/2016 10:59:53 PM

Did my regular daily work out video for 30 mins, then decided to do my toning video right after. Whew! Shower time for me I stink! Haha...  Read more

Thinking about doing a video blog/diary on my weig
Updated 4/25/2016 12:01:50 AM

Thinking about doing a video blog/diary on my weight loss journey! Opinions?...  Read more

I tried doing an exercise video the other day and
Updated 4/21/2016 9:44:33 AM

I tried doing an exercise video the other day and hurt my knee....  Read more

Sparkpeople TV videos not loading for me
Updated 4/21/2016 10:31:28 PM

I'm been clicking on random videos on Sparkpeople TV and can't seem to get any of them to play. I don't have any trouble getting the videos to play at the Daily Spark. Is there some kind of setting I need to check on my computer? I am on a laptop...  Read more

Variety checklist!

I get bored easily but want to stay focused on exercise. Meanwhile, I realized that I have a LOT of workout videos. So I've made up a weekly checklist of about 8 workouts, e.g., 3 different cardio videos, 3 different strength training videos, 1 yoga,...  Read more

Pilates: A Mind-Body Exercise

Pilates: A Mind-Body ExercisePilates is a fitness workout that builds flexibility, strength, and endurance without adding muscle mass by focusing primarily on the abdominal, hip, and back muscles, called the body's "core" muscles. It was created more...  Read more

The FIRM Believers!

Are you a FIRM Believer? A group of people who workout using The FIRM or The TransFIRMer system and Express videos....  Read more

6 Good Reasons to Try Pilates

I never thought Pilates was for me. I saw the Pilates videos, infomercials and classes at the gym, often full of older women in leotards, lying on their backs, moving their legs around in the air. It sure didn't look hard. Where was the challenge...  Read more

8 Pilates Moves to Help You Get a Leaner Body!

My first exposure to Pilates was in summer of the 2009, but since I was in the midst of training for my first marathon, I found I did not have the time or the energy to devote to attending a weekly class. But the few months that I did participate in...  Read more

Found an AWESOME challenging pilates video

Today I did Fitness Blender's Pilates Abs, Butt, and Thigh Workout - Intense Pilates Workout (1hr 3min) on YouTube, and I really enjoyed it. This was just what I needed today. It is a slow-moving exercise where you can feel your muscles burn...  Read more

Pilates Video

OKKAAAYY so I tried to attempt the 12 minute pilates video here on SparkPeople...Let's just say I'm not ready for that one! I really liked the kick boxing 10 minute cardio workout on here. At first it felt weird but since I'm home alone that re...  Read more