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Phenylalanine Definition Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Phenylalanine Definition.

3 Bittersweet Truths about Sweeteners

Though food is supposed to be one of life's simple pleasures, few things cause more angst and confusion. It's no wonder why. We're constantly being told which foods we should eat to be healthy, which diets we should follow to be skinny, w...  Read more

Toning vs. Bulking Up: The Real Facts

Everyone has an idea in their head when it comes to looking their fittest and healthiest. For some, it's fitting perfectly into a certain outfit, or walking on the beach in a bikini with total confidence. For others, it may mean seeing a defined...  Read more

Dietary Supplements for Depression

It's becoming more and more common for consumers to forgo medication when looking for a "natural" alternative to treating conditions like depression. No matter what method you choose, it's important to get all the facts. SparkPeople...  Read more

The Quest for Functional Foods

All kinds of foods provide nutrients that your body needs. But some foods, known as "functional foods," do more for you body than just provide nutrients. They may also play a role in the prevention and treatment of certain chronic diseases....  Read more

A New Definition For ''Old''

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word “old” is defined as “having been in use for a long time,” “worn, dilapidated, ancient, or decayed by time.” After an experience as a volunteer at the 1995 St. Louis S...  Read more

When your life is the definition of irony. Im tryi
Updated 8/2/2016 9:30:45 AM

When your life is the definition of irony. Im trying to lose a lot of weight but im a chef lol...  Read more

#nsv I'm finally able to see definition in my shou
Updated 6/7/2016 2:24:14 PM

#nsv I'm finally able to see definition in my shoulders and collar bones again. Like my collar bone is visible and not surrounded by a layer of fat. #yay#happy#progress#nonscalevictory...  Read more

I see muscle definition now . Team healthy#determi
Updated 4/7/2016 11:14:41 AM

I see muscle definition now . Team healthy#determined...  Read more

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing
Updated 3/4/2016 9:24:47 AM

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, and over, and expecting different results....  Read more

Workout Wednesday ponder... Definition Of A Good W
Updated 12/2/2015 6:19:59 AM

Workout Wednesday ponder... Definition Of A Good Work Out: When you dislike doing it...ugh, but you Love the feelings of finishing it. What's your definition??? ( don't 4get 2 have an Awesome day):)...  Read more

Define "Special Occasion" On Paper

Do you let yourself splurge a little when dining out on special occasions? If so, do you find the definition for "special" can vary wildly, from your 10-year anniversary to birthdays to... payday? If so, write down your definition for "Special Occasi...  Read more

Calories = Energy

I sometimes have to remind myself that calories are actually GOOD for you. The definition of calorie is: a unit of ENERGY. You need calories to fuel your body. So before you slash the number of calories you are eating in order to lose weight, thin...  Read more

*Sparkling* in *OZ*

A definitions= of Sparkling is to be brilliant in performance. This team aims for the best we can be in nutrition, exercise and supporting team members. Come share the sparkle of living healthy....  Read more

Fiber: Perhaps Not as Simple as You Thought

Since the early 1950's when the term was first coined, dietary fiber has been known as a type of carbohydrate from plant foods that is not digested or absorbed. They are talked about many times based on their two different types, soluble and insolubl...  Read more

Milk Really Does Do Your Body Good

Both my husband and I have been milk drinkers our entire lives. Some of our fondest memories growing up include milk. For my husband it was spending summers working on his grandfather's dairy farm. For me it was greeting our milkman Mr. McVay eac...  Read more