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Personal Trainer Online Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Personal Trainer Online.

Get Fit for Less Dough

Congratulations! You’ve decided that this is the perfect time to finally get in shape. Have you priced out exercise equipment or gym memberships yet? If not, brace yourself for a bit of sticker shock! Getting in shape can take a significant chu...  Read more

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can help people reach their health and fitness goals, or they could be big wastes of money. It's tough to know whether or not you need a trainer's expertise. And if you do, it's even more difficult to pick the right one....  Read more

What You Forgot to Ask Your Personal Trainer

You already know how personal trainers help you reach your goals and push you to the next level, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned exerciser. You probably also know a little about how to choose the right trainer with the proper qualificatio...  Read more

6 Things Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Didn't Do

They may seem superhuman at times, but personal trainers are people, too. And although they love sharing their workout wisdom and helping people reach their goals, there are a few things that might get under their skin when they're training a cli...  Read more

Exercise Matchmaking: Find the Right Fitness Relationship for You

A few years ago, a friend convinced me to try Zumba classes with her. I bought a package of five sessions, excited to see what all the hype was about—until I realized, about thirty seconds into the first class, that the other students had...  Read more

Almost 25, in graduate school online, work part ti
Updated 6/22/2016 4:54:59 PM

Almost 25, in graduate school online, work part time as a barista at starbucks. I have PCOS. I've already lost 50lbs, just trying to lose 45lbs more. Would love someone I can talk to often. #friendfinder...  Read more

Hey guys! I'm doing some exercise with 'my trainer
Updated 6/22/2016 11:26:58 AM

Hey guys! I'm doing some exercise with 'my trainer Dasi' app and i have to say it's really awesome to mix it with spark! It gives me very light exercises every day and i track my calories with spark... been goin' great so far!...  Read more

Got a new personal best yesterday on the Nustep 10
Updated 6/22/2016 9:31:04 AM

Got a new personal best yesterday on the Nustep 1065 and 6.32 minutes in 60 minutes. Do you keep track of your personal bests???...  Read more

Loving the daily burn! The trainers are great and
Updated 6/21/2016 8:22:36 PM

Loving the daily burn! The trainers are great and no excuse not to drive to the gym cause the daily burn is wherever I am! Exhausted from 10 straight days of work but pushing myself to stay motivated......  Read more

trying this site again...... medifast online???
Updated 6/26/2016 12:19:07 AM

Hi Everyone! I have struggled so long with my weight. I joined Sparkpeople a while back... I like the format... but didn't give it enough time. I want to try again. Also, I would like to try Medifast...I don't want to go to the centers though...  Read more

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

The Benefits of a Personal TrainerToo Busy to Work Out?If you're having a hard time getting motivated at the health club, or just don't feel like you're getting enough out of your exercise routine, consider hiring a personal trainer. More than just a...  Read more

Off Track

I'm a Personal Trainer that can"t get herself in the right mind set to Exercise198...  Read more

Fighting Fibromyalgia

To meet online others who suffer with this and to interact with them on how to deal with this problem....  Read more

Listen to the Interview with Coach Nicole!

I will be doing a radio/podcast interview with Debbie Alan today! You can listen online at, and even call in with your questions! I'm planning to talk about overcoming plateaus, getting fit on the cheap, and deciding whether...  Read more

Inside the Trainer's Toolbox: 30 Must-Have Items

The most important ingredient in any successful fitness routine is motivation. By focusing on why you want to lose weight or embrace a healthier lifestyle, you'll be much more likely to overcome obstacles, silence excuses and slam-dunk your...  Read more

Looking for Personal Trainer/Online Coach

Hello Sparkies! I have been working (semi) hard and getting results. I had stronger success in the past (now 7 years gone by) where I saw very good results. I had a 3 pronged approach back then - me (I was an advocate for myself), my doctor, and...  Read more