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Percent Body Fat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Percent Body Fat.

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Whether you're just starting an exercise program, or you've been at it for years, there is one thing on everyone's wish list: a toned stomach. Well-defined abdominal muscles are glorified as being sexy, healthy and youthful. You may have...  Read more

Reference Guide to Body Composition

Body weight alone is not a clear indicator of health or fitness because it does not distinguish how many pounds are fat and how many are muscle. But body composition helps describe the amount (and distribution) of fat and lean muscle tissue in the bo...  Read more

How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

What do you look for when you’re checking out the nutrition facts on that macaroni and cheese box? Whether you’re one to zoom in on total calories or total carbs, you might be missing the real picture. Nutrition facts should be a part of...  Read more

Are You Drinking the Wrong Kind of Milk?

Skim and almond and soy, oh my! The days of the milkman dropping off either whole or skim milk are long gone. These days, there's a dairy (or non-dairy) variety to meet every taste, dietary requirement and lifestyle—and they don't alway...  Read more

A Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer Prevention

Almost one out of nine women is expected to develop breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related death in women. So far, researchers haven't found any fool-proof way to prevent breast cancer except voluntary mastectomy (surgical...  Read more

Needing tips on was to burn belly fat, and also wh
Updated 7/24/2016 4:53:44 PM

Needing tips on was to burn belly fat, and also what are some great at home workouts. #fitness...  Read more

Question...... Does anyone happen to make "fat bombs"? Do you have a go to recipe? I'm thinking I
Updated 7/22/2016 11:13:14 PM

Question...... Does anyone happen to make "fat bombs"? Do you have a go to recipe? I'm thinking I may cut a lot more of the "fat" out of my day, but use these in order to keep some in my diet. This way I can better control the intake. Yea or Nay??...  Read more

I'm fat
Updated 7/22/2016 7:18:42 PM

I'm fat...  Read more

Im a fat
Updated 7/22/2016 1:26:58 PM

Im a fat...  Read more

Body feeling like noodles 😕 but i didn't die th
Updated 7/25/2016 11:36:49 AM

Body feeling like noodles 😕 but i didn't die tho.......  Read more

Whole Milk Truths

Whole milk isn't made wholly of fat, or largely of fat, or even substantially of fat. In fact, it doesn't contain much fat all.Whole milk is actually only about 3.5 percent fat.The reason it's called "whole milk" has less to do with its fat content,...  Read more

Cravings, What are They

When I get a craving, I try to drink some water first. Although dehydration will kill us before starvation, in general we are more likely to satisfy a sweet tooth than quench a thirst.Our bodies know this, so being the super efficient tool that it is...  Read more

South Beach Diet (Lifestyle!)

For anyone who follows or wants to learn the SB way of eating. Lets be healthy together. SB is recommended by many doctors and dieticians; its good for blood sugar and reducing dietary fat....  Read more

Avoid the Self-Fulfilling Fat Prophecy

A recent study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology adds to an existing pile of evidence that if you are normal weight but see yourself as overweight, you are much more likely to become overweight. So, the next time you're in a...  Read more

7 Tips for Controlling Your Hungers On and Off Switches

Simon & Schuster authors Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. shared this guest blog post, which offers tips on keeping your hunger in check. From You: On a Diet: Duct tape over your mouth isnt how your body regulates food intake. Your bod...  Read more

What IS my percent body fat?

I've been researching percent body fat today - trying to figure out where my percent body fat falls on the charts. Am I in a healthy range? Am I in the athletic range? (I'd like that.) It has been an interesting adventure, just finding ONE defin...  Read more

Percent Body Fat

If my Tanita scale is to be believed (and I think it is probably right), my body fat percentage has changed a lot already. A few months ago, it was telling me I was 45% fat. This morning the scale read 38.7%. 244 So weight has not changed...  Read more