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Paleo Nutrition Plan Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Paleo Nutrition Plan.

How to Separate Healthy Fact from Fiction

''Show me the research!'' Of all the advice and information I absorbed as an undergraduate studying health and physical education, this one phrase from a literature review professor is one that has stuck with me throughout my career....  Read more

The Truth about Coconut Oil

Conduct a quick Google search, and you’ll find miraculous claims about a tropical fat that has become increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers in recent years: coconut oil.  Health claims about the oil's ability to hel...  Read more

Your Nutrition Plan for Weight Maintenance

Congratulations on reaching your goal weight! This article will help you figure out how to use SparkPeople’s tools just as effectively to maintain your weight as you have used them to lose that weight in the first place. Make sure you’re...  Read more

4 Keys To A Smart Nutrition Plan

Think of the word "diet," and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Visions of joyless eating, piles of pale lettuce, bored taste buds, more pale lettuce, meals that would starve a mouse, and mounds of food labeled "Off Limi...  Read more

11 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

You are such an idiot! You’re a lazy, good for nothing being. What a fat blob you are, and you’ll always be one! It’s helpless. You’ll never lose weight. Why bother trying? Wow, pretty harsh words. Could you imagine if so...  Read more

Halloween: your plans?
Updated 10/13/2015 12:18:20 AM

I'm creating a small costume for my grand-daughter... and have two small pumpkins ready to decorate. This year we're also going to do milk jug "pumpkins" with glow sticks in them on the driveway. On Halloween we'll be home to enjoy seeing the neighb...  Read more

Counting only the off plan foods?
Updated 10/12/2015 7:51:54 AM

Just a question... I have never been good at nor fond of calorie counting. I wonder if it would work for weight loss if I just made a food plan that gives me about the same amount of calories every day and then just write down the foods that I...  Read more

Just added the meal plan. Think I'm going to love
Updated 10/11/2015 9:21:45 AM

Just added the meal plan. Think I'm going to love it. Great way to get ideas for food to eat so it's not the same old stuff all the time....  Read more

Meal plans: is it just me, or do these make no se
Updated 10/11/2015 7:25:44 PM

Meal plans: is it just me, or do these make no sense? The list of foods for each meal seems totally random and often don't go together....  Read more

any tips on a healthy meal plan that I could follo
Updated 10/10/2015 10:33:08 PM

any tips on a healthy meal plan that I could follow?...  Read more

Not the End of the World

The apocalypse does not arrive simutlaneously with the eating of a double with cheese at Wendy's. Plan for whatever your "special" item is, don't exceed your plan, and enjoy the doggone thing. Works well as a reward for reaching goals, again, if not...  Read more

How to track nutrition for shift workers!

I work 12 hour night shifts on varying nights throughout the week. I added my own "meal times" on my nutrition page and track Midnight to Midnight every day of the week, even when I am off. This has finally been my key to losing weight! Please recomm...  Read more

WLS - The journey before, during, and after.

A team to meet others that have had WLS and planning or trying to maintain weight after being post-op for years. All is welcome friends and family too. Our path on this journey never ends....  Read more

The Truth about the Paleo Diet

If you've been in touch with diet trends over the past few years, chances are that you've heard of the Paleo diet. When you Google the word "Paleo" or "Paleo diet," you'll find thousands of blogs, recipes, articles and...  Read more

Increase in Liver Damage is Linked to Dietary Aids

A round-up of the most interesting and thought-provoking stories of the week. Older Women May Spend Two-Thirds of Their Day Sitting HealthDay     &nb
sp;   No matter your age or gender, this story likely will m...  Read more