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P90x Workout Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for P90x Workout.

Over 110 Cardio Workout Ideas

You all probably know how great aerobic activity is for your heart, body and mind. After all, regular cardio exercise has been shown to reduce body fat, decrease total cholesterol, boost mood, lower resting heart rate, and improve heart and lung func...  Read more

10 Signs a Fitness Gadget is a Gimmick

Fitness infomercials promise a lot: dramatic weight-loss, big results, a six pack in 30 days! But unfortunately, most of them do not deliver on those promises. When those ads are so intriguing and believable, how do you know which new products delive...  Read more

Ramp up Results with Lower-Intensity Exercises

Fitness has come full circle. For years, trainers have been hailing the benefits of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which keeps your body guessing by switching between short, maximum-intensity bursts and lower-intensity recovery periods. But...  Read more

Discover the Benefits of LISS for Weight Loss

When it comes to getting fit and healthy, there's no magic pill or secret shortcut for reaching your goals. Whether you'd like to drop a few pounds, build more muscle or achieve a more dramatic, life-changing weight loss, the recipe for succe...  Read more

4 Spinning Options that Scorch Serious Calories

These days, you can't scroll through your email without spotting an online coupon for a new type of indoor cycling class. Whether it's for a classic Spinning® class, SoulCycle, CycleBar, Peloton or a RealRyder bike, the options are practi...  Read more

Just did a 90-minute workout with millionaire hoy.
Updated 6/21/2016 8:47:03 PM

Just did a 90-minute workout with millionaire hoy. Wow! I'm ready for my protein shake now!...  Read more

My favorite workout song is "Fight Song" by Rachel
Updated 6/21/2016 12:47:21 PM

My favorite workout song is "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten ... I love the lyrics especially when she says "take back my life song" - that's what we're doing! We're not just tired of being fat - we're taking our lives back!! What's your favorite song?...  Read more

Do you eat before or after morning workout? Which
Updated 6/21/2016 12:59:56 PM

Do you eat before or after morning workout? Which is better?...  Read more

#Goals for today - water, workout, done eating by
Updated 6/21/2016 12:51:37 PM

#Goals for today - water, workout, done eating by 7pm....  Read more

Up and motivated again after a great workout last
Updated 6/21/2016 9:11:15 AM

Up and motivated again after a great workout last night. Going to get in another tonight after work....  Read more


it requires almost 2 hours and 20 minutes of workout time each day. On some days you will start with cardio and will have to spend some time doing resistance and abs in the evening.Doubles P90X Workout Schedule - Phase 3. I want you to see how seriou...  Read more

Try something completely new!

In order to keep active and interested in keeping active I'm decided to try something new more often. Last night for example I did a P90X workout and I'm pumped to keep up with my workouts....  Read more

Dance Dance Revolution

For those of us that love the game and realize that it's a great workout as well =)...  Read more

New on SparkPeople Radio: Lessons from the Paleo Diet

Editor's Note: If you haven't checked out SparkPeople Radio, now's the time! We've been on the air since November, and this on-demand show is a hit. Each week, hosts Lily Hills and Karen Hudson share the latest and greatest stories to...  Read more

Contest Closed: Win 1 of 10 Supreme 90 Day Workout DVDs

Interested in the popular P90X program but not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for the workout DVDs? Well you're in luck. Supreme 90 Day, a 10-DVD workout system that includes strengthening, cardio and abs workouts, is now available and...  Read more

My First P90X Workout

I did chest and back and ab ripper as per the Classic program. I had to do standing push-ups because of my broken arm, and I skipped the decline push-ups entirely because there was just no safe way for me to do them. I used a 10# weight for the...  Read more

First P90X Workout In A Year

I have not done a P90x workout in a year. I injured my left leg and then I got sick with a million different illness. I got full permission from the physiotherapist to start up with P90X again. I am doing the Classic version. I think it will sui...  Read more