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Overhead Push Press Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Overhead Push Press.

How to Use the Overhead Press Machine

For shoulders and arms, few gym machines are more effective than the Overhead Press. It works the deltoid muscles, or the sides of your shoulders, which are good for lifting boxes from shelves or picking up a small child. If you’ve never used t...  Read more

Ouch! Avoiding the Aches and Pains

Exercise beginners usually try to make up for lost time by going all out their first week. The result? Injury or intense soreness. Pain does not necessarily mean gain. Many injuries occur at joints, where bones meet and provide motion. An enormo...  Read more

Printable Workout: Day 3 Bootcamp

This is the printable version of our Bootcamp Day 3 Workout Video. We recommend that you watch the video (and read its supporting text) before trying this abbreviated version. Bent Over Rows 10 reps ...  Read more

8 Ways to Build Maximum Muscle in Minimal Time

"Time is money," Benjamin Franklin advised a young tradesman in a 1748 essay. Although we don’t know to what extent he applied Franklin’s wisdom, most of us do understand the implications of this adage in our own lives. When it...  Read more

How to Use the Lat Pulldown Machine

In this exercise, movement will come from the shoulders and elbows. The Setup Start by sitting on the seat and adjusting the leg-restraint pad to the appropriate height. Your feet should be flat on the floor and the pad should help keep your l...  Read more

Yesterday I pushed through not feeling good and di
Updated 3/3/2015 8:32:50 PM

Yesterday I pushed through not feeling good and did a workout, today I am so sore I want to cry. I went on a field trip with my daughter and we walked about a mile & my body feels like I've climbed a tall mountain. I am hoping it doesn't set me back...  Read more

How do you all break the plane of pushing thru to
Updated 3/3/2015 9:39:28 AM

How do you all break the plane of pushing thru to do a little more? By the time I'm starting to be where I am breaking a sweat, I'm starting to hurt in my legs. Ideas?...  Read more

The best way to push-up
Updated 3/3/2015 7:13:08 PM

I'll admit it. I'm a weakling and I can't even do 1 push-up on my toes. I can do 10 to 12 push-ups on my knees and do a couple sets of those before my muscles have had it. So what is the best way to progress to "real" push-ups? just keep doing kn...  Read more

I'm new to this app but need someone to push me an
Updated 2/25/2015 5:48:03 PM

I'm new to this app but need someone to push me and keep me motivated....  Read more

Let's push each other!!!! I have gained a lot of
Updated 2/18/2015 2:56:29 PM

Let's push each other!!!! I have gained a lot of belly & thigh fat over the last year. I keep slipping up diets, and never have any energy. I will lose 4 kilos by July, jump on board if you are in a similar place....  Read more

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil....  Read more

Great Value Storage Bags Double Zipper Closure

40 Press-to-Close Gallon Plastic Bags10 9/16" x 10 3/4" Size...  Read more

Rock Climbing

For all the climbers, or those who want to start. Beyond incredibly efficient exercise, it's meditation, socializing, and a way to push past your comfort zone. Woo hoo!...  Read more

10 Exercises to Well-Toned Triceps

Working our biceps is important, but we must not neglect the back of the arms, better known as the triceps. Working both muscle groups allows for muscle balance, therefore reducing our risk for injury. Because the triceps are comprised of smaller m...  Read more

Work Out Twice as Fast with These 10 Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are those exercises that work multiple muscles or muscle groups around multiple joints such as a squat. Isolation exercises, on the other hand, work a single muscle or muscle group around a single joint such as a bicep curl. Compou...  Read more