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On Protein Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for On Protein.

How to Choose the Best Protein Powder

Protein supplements are popular among casual exercisers, serious bodybuilders, dieters and even non-exercisers for many reasons. Most people know that protein is an essential nutrient for overall health that helps promote fullness and also plays...  Read more

How Much Protein Do I Really Need?

These days, protein is a powerful word. So powerful that more and more food companies are boasting about the protein content of their foods and manufacturing newer protein-rich products to meet our demands for the essential nutrient. Why? Ask the ave...  Read more

19 Portable Protein-Packed Snacks

When you need some protein in a pinch, these grab-and-go snacks will do the trick! All of these filling options are easily transportable for a quick energy boost, anytime and anywhere. Whether you prefer sweet, savory, light or hearty, there's a...  Read more

10 Perfect Protein Powder Recipes

Protein is an important component of any diet for satiety, muscle repair, and generating hormones and enzymes. Need a protein pick-me-up? These filling recipes are great for refueling after a workout--or anytime!    ...  Read more

9 Real-Food High-Protein Snacks

Protein is one of those “magic” nutrients—the kind that can help you stay full and satisfied, even when you’re watching calories and portion sizes. If you’re struggling to meet your daily protein goals, adding real-food,...  Read more

First time ever, I'm under 100 grams of carbs :) (came in around 92) 124 grams protein...a little o
Updated 4/23/2016 9:00:24 PM

First time ever, I'm under 100 grams of carbs :) (came in around 92) 124 grams protein...a little over on fat but not bad :) pretty good I'd say :)...  Read more

I have a hard time getting my protein in as a vege
Updated 4/22/2016 7:50:23 PM

I have a hard time getting my protein in as a vegetarian. When I get my protein up with fish or nuts I go way over on fat... Any suggestions that aren't a supplement? I eat tofu, but I don't want it every day! 🙈🙊...  Read more

Is to much protein in my diet bad
Updated 4/22/2016 11:08:33 PM

Is to much protein in my diet bad...  Read more

Updated 4/24/2016 11:23:50 PM

I am battling to eat 60 grams of protein per day without going over the fat limit. I detest protein supplements like shakes - they all seem so processed. I'm a fan of cook from scratch real food. I suppose I should look at the food plans? Can you do...  Read more

Any good brands for protein shakes!
Updated 4/22/2016 12:16:12 AM

Any good brands for protein shakes!...  Read more


I start out with at least 20grams of protein in the morning about a half hour after wakeing up. Throughout the day I eat lots of protein in fish, chicken, and nectar sweets protein drink along with my vegetables. I try to get at least 100grams of pro...  Read more

Protein takes longer to leave the stomach

Protein takes longer to leave the stomach. QUIONA is something to try. Similar to a noodle, easy to cook like rice, mixed with veggies it can be an interesting dinner. One egg has only 75 calories & 7 grams of high quality protein. A handful of nut...  Read more

Living Low Carb (Atkins and other Plans)

We will discuss low carb lifestyles (including Atkins,Protein Power, South Beach and other doctor-recommended low carb plans), trade low carb recipes and team up to do this together!...  Read more

3 'Pure Protein' Products Worth Trying

Protein is an important part of any healthy diet and has been shown to help you feel full longer. But some of the best sources of protein like eggs, chicken and milk aren't easy to carry with you on the go. And having a healthy, protein-pack...  Read more

Food on the Run: Quiznos

Thank you for your continued interest in the Food on the Run series.Because of your suggestions, this week we take a look at Quiznos.Our goal remains to highlight healthier menu items that are around 250 calories and less than 10 grams of fat per ser...  Read more

Protein, Protein, Protein!

Yesterday, my protein intake was 90 grams, which was a new record! Protein has been a challenge, because I'm not much of ameat eater. I've done my homework and have a list of veggies and othe sources to achieve my goal. Today, along with my water int...  Read more

Protein, protein, protein

Can you guess what is on my mind? It seems over the last few weeks I have gotten away from concentrating on eating my protein first. This resulted in the scale staying in the same spot for almost a month. NOT COOL! Yesterday I refocused and plann...  Read more