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Nyc Marathon Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Nyc Marathon.

Post-Marathon Recovery Tips

Running a marathon can be one of the greatest and most challenging experiences of your life.   I can’t say that I always love training for these races, but the feeling of accomplishment I experience when I cross the finish line is lik...  Read more

Charity Races Mix Fitness and Fundraising

Donkey basketball. A classic example of two words you’d never include in the same sentence let alone next to each other. Yet some of you may have heard of it nonetheless. Donkey basketball was an annual event that took place in my small souther...  Read more

''How I Became a Runner at Age 48''

Robin (KASHMIR) has been a member of SparkPeople since 2006. She has lost 95 pounds and is training for her first marathon. Robin Before Robin After What m...  Read more

The Importance of Setting Medium-Term Goals

So often we daydream and think of some far-off goal that we would like to achieve. "I want to play the guitar in a band," "I want to run a marathon", "I want to be better at my job," etc. It's not difficult at th...  Read more

Moving Forward with the Run/Walk Training Method

I started running as a way to lose weight, get fit and most of all to prove to my 6th grade P.E. teacher that I could run. Once I ran my first race, I was hooked. I love the challenge of running, and although not every run is joyful, running is my pa...  Read more

Yeah! Ran a half marathon today. Feeling accomplis
Updated 11/14/2015 11:38:45 PM

Yeah! Ran a half marathon today. Feeling accomplished (and sore)!...  Read more

Marathon #6 completed today. And to think I start
Updated 11/8/2015 8:17:44 PM

Marathon #6 completed today. And to think I started this journey with Spark People 3 years ago....  Read more

Congrats on completing the half marathon! I hope y

Congrats on completing the half marathon! I hope you take another crack at the full and you finish it next time. I know you can do it! I envy you actually...I'm not allowed to run after a knee surgery, but wish I could do a marathon now....  Read more

Just attempted to run a marathon just
Updated 11/7/2015 11:25:35 PM

Just attempted to run a marathon just over 18 miles and then was too far behind the pacer to finish. HOWEVER I feel I still earned the medal since I did over a half marathon today! :) just felt the need to share this :)...  Read more

I started my weightloss/hslf Marathon training jou
Updated 11/3/2015 6:53:33 AM

I started my weightloss/hslf Marathon training journey in March this year, and I can officially say, I ran 2 half Marathons and I'm down 16 lbs and I have now signed up for Grandmas Marathon in Duluth, MN in June! 39 lbs to go to get to my goal!...  Read more

Look at everything in a positive way!

No matter what happens it is important for me to look at things in a different and positive way. The old "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade" attitude. If I gain weight, the gain is motivation to put in extra workout or be creative with my mea...  Read more


When I feel my workout is extra challenging, I visualize something motivating to help make it easier....  Read more

Half Marathon

Curious about HMs or love them already? Trying to lose weight or improve nutrition while training? Comfortable with the 10K or 10M distance? Join the team, swap concerns, and share race reports!...  Read more

Living My Life as an Adventure

On March 18th I had the honor and privilege to run the New York Road Runners New York City Half-Marathon along with 15,000 other runners from across the globe.  The elite field consisted of United States Olympic hopefuls, Meb Keflezighi, Desiree...  Read more

Motivation Secrets from Top Marathoners

For some, fall signifies cooler temperatures and pumpkin picking. For others, it means marathon season. The world’s largest marathon, the ING New York City Marathon (boasting a record-high number of runners this year with 47,000 participants) t...  Read more

NYC Marathon 2015

After running a big whopping one marathon up to this point....I decided that the training is so grueling that if I was going to do another one - I would do a big one! They do not get any bigger. NYC Marathon is the largest field of ANY marathon. I am...  Read more

Joy Johnson, NYC Marathon's oldest woman

She was an inspirational woman! She ran 25 consecutive New York City Marathons, and was its oldest female runner at 86. Here's a clip from ESPN:  Read more